Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Got Some Major Shopping Done

So yesterday I called my mom around 11 am to tell her about this horrible dream I had about me being committed to an insane asylum and she told me that she realized that she got paid yesterday instead of today.  So I ended up picking her up around 1:30 and we went to the bank, the post office, Goodwill, Wal Mart, Anna's Linens, Harris Teeter, and Divas Beauty Supply.  We had to go to so many places because we had to get everything for Christmas dinner plus she had to stock up on groceries for the month.  So at some point in the shopping, we met my husband at Ham's restaurant and had dinner which was great as usual and then my mom and I went to Goodwill and I found a Kirby vacuum.  Now for those of you who don't know, Kirby's are great and they last forever.  I actually already have 1 but I've always said that I want a back up just in case one gets clogged.  Plus I asked the vacuum repair shop, if I got an old Kirby how much would it cost for them to unclog it and clean it up and they said it would only be like $50 which is nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars it usually cost to get a new Kirby.  So this Kirby was made around the same time mine was made and was only $30.  We actually inherited the first one from my husband's late grandmother. 

Then at Anna's Linens, I found, you guessed it, some rubber ducks.  This was actually a large soap dish rubber duck and rubber duck babies that sat in the dish that was shaped like a rubber duck.  Plus I finally found an aquarium themed hand towel for my guest bathroom and some 50 cent incense packs of my favorite scent in the whole world, jasmine.  My mom actually got an area rug, a smaller rug, and an even smaller rug set for $40.  So after we left Wal Mart, my mom came to my house so she could see the new furniture and she loved it.  But after all that shopping and having to drop my mom off, it was after 11 pm before I got home and could relax.

Today I just relaxed because my friend and I were supposed to go shopping for last minute Christmas gifts but she was so tired after work that we agreed on going tomorrow at lunch.  But then my mom asked if she could come too tomorrow because she's going through some personal problems and I think she could use some support and shopping is always good therapy.  So I'm excited about shopping tomorrow because we're going to Reidsville where my friend lives and they always have good deals in their thrift stores.  BTW The dogs are doing great.  They haven't escaped since I posted the doggy dilemma blog and I believe are fully house trained.  They're at the point where they won't come in unless they're ready to take a nap and they will kind of walk around sniffing if they have to go outside and I let them out and everything is great.  I just thank God because this has made my life 100% easier.  No more bleaching the dog room floor and no more chains.

But that's basically what I did the last 2 days, got some major shopping done, ate at Hams Restaurant, and relaxed a bit.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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