Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Great Day of Thrift Shopping :)

So today my husband woke me up around 11 to tell me that he was leaving to get the money from the check he got yesterday.  Then around noon, he woke me up again to tell me that the money was on the TV in the bedroom for me to use today to look for furniture and groceries.  So I called my mom and told her that I was awake and that I was getting ready.  But I went back to sleep until around 1 pm.  Then I got up and got ready to go shopping with my mom.  My main focus today was to find some furniture so the first place we went was the Salvation Army on Lee St. in Greensboro.  I actually found a Burgundy colored curve around couch (you know that couches that are in pieces but when put together, they all form a large connected letter C.  So my mom thought it was great because it was clean, had a sleeper sofa attached to it, and was large enough.  So I called my husband and he told me to send him a pic and he liked it.  Then we got the number to a man that can deliver furniture and when we called him, he said it would only cost $20 to deliver it which is dirt cheap but I told him, I'd call him back because I had to talk to my husband first.  So then my mom decided to rest her feet and casually sat on the couch but then literally sunk into the couch because the sleeper part of the couch made it so that when you sat down, you were almost sitting on the floor.  So unfortunately, I didn't get the couch.  But it was only $185 which would have been a steal. 

So after that, we decided to go to Goodwill on Elm Eugene St. in Greensboro and I didn't see any furniture that I liked there, so we decided to just get little stuff that we liked.  I got a bunch of Christmas decorations including a music box, a stuffed Santa, a nativity scene which had snowmen as the characters, and other stuff.  But I also found some rubber ducks.  Oh yeah, I collect rubber ducks.  That's right, the ones that 2 year olds play with in the tub.  I probably have over 100 of them, big and small.  But today I found a classic yellow small duck and a pair of valentine ducks (one male and one female), cute cute cute!  Then I found a bathroom tissue holder that had a rubber duck on it and a small dragonfly attached to the top of it that moved around because it was attached to a spring.  So I got a rubber duck whammy today.  Some of this stuff, we also got at the Goodwill on Battleground Ave. in Greensboro as well, which we went to later in the day.  But I also got a new silverware set.  Now this set is so unique.  It actually has a different color on the handle for each type of utensil.  So the big spoon is green, the knives are orange (my favorite color), the big forks are blue, and so on.  And the whole set was only $10!  Then I got a knife set made by Cutco.  Now let me explain a little about Cutco.  I used to sell Cutco knives door to door when I was in college and they have since been deemed the sharpest knives in the world.  They are made in the USA and at any time I can send them in to get sharpened for free!  They truly are the best knives I've cooked with ever and I cook a lot.  So to give you an idea of how much they usually cost. A steak knife cannot be found any less than I would say $20.  A carver knife wouldn't be found any less than $40.  Get this, I got a set with a steak knife, a carver knife, a spreader knife (it's a flat large knife which you can use to get the last bit of peanut butter, mayo, etc... out of a jar without having to throw the jar away and you can use the same knife to cut the sandwich you made because it has a serrated edge on one side), and I got a parring knife all for 10 BUCKS!!!  So I saved about hmmm idk $70.  So it's been a really good shopping day for me.  I also got a TFAL frying pan and a stuffed animal of a cat.  My mom also got some really great things too.

So after we went to the first goodwill, we went to this new place near the Wal Mart on Elm Eugene St. called "Bamboo Grill".  It's a place that has Chinese, Hibachi, and Sushi but it's nice because they have a real sit down area that is well decorated and the food is so fresh and not too heavy.  My mom got the shrimp fried rice and some chicken wings.  I got the shrimp lo mien platter with a salmon sushi roll.  The food was great as usual.  So after we left there, we went to Wal Mart and got presents for my grandmother and grandfather and I got some cat food and contact lens solution.  After we left there, we rushed over to the Goodwill on Battleground Ave before it closed at 8 and that's where I found some of the stuff I listed before.  After that we went to Food Lion and then I dropped my mom back home.  Then I went home and my husband wanted Chinese food for dinner and I was like, whatever, I'll just order something I didn't eat earlier today. So I got sweet and sour chicken.  We decided to watch the Celtics game and of course they won again against the Denver Nuggets.  But it helped that Carmelo Anthony was still inured and couldn't play.  GO CELTICS!!!

But that was my day in a nutshell.  I went shopping, had some great food, and my Celtics won again.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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