Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Laid Back Day With Friends

So today I woke up around 10:30 am because my dad called me to confirm my phone #'s to give to my grandmother on his side.  He thought I still had an old number but I told him that I only had the one he called me on.  So then I went back to sleep and woke up around 11:30 when my grandmother called me to catch up and ask what I wanted for Christmas.  Now, this is my grandmother on my dad's side.  My grandfather on his side passed away a few years back.  But I'm not as close to my grandparents on my dad's side as I am to the one's on my mom's side.  I grew up with my mom because she divorced my dad when I was 1 year old.  But my mom and dad still lived in the same city so I even though I lived with my mom full time, I do have a great relationship with my dad.  But the reason that I'm not as close is simply because I spent more time with my grandparents on my mom's side than my dad's side.  I also have some issues with them as well.  To me, it seems that my grandmother is just a negative person and I myself have struggled with depression in the past and it makes me wonder if I inherited it.  But I'm determined to be a positive person and not to complain too much as she has.  Also there have been times when my dad just wouldn't tell me when his side of the family would go on vacation until after they left or he would call me a week before knowing that I couldn't take off work that quickly.  BTW, my dad remarried and I have a half sister because of that union that I love with every cell in my body but she is 7 years younger than me so there was always a generation gap of sorts.  So I still have a great relationship with my dad and my step mom but when I was younger I butted heads with my stepmother.  She was very strict when I went over to their house....

There was one incident when I was really young, like 7 years old and I remember going to the bathroom, doing number 2, and then wiping.  I left the bathroom like usual and all of a sudden, my stepmother was screaming at me asking why I used so much toilet paper.  I just said, I'm sorry I didn't know I used that much.  So she then ordered my father to spank me because I had used too much toilet paper.  So of course I was traumatized and when I went back to my mom's house I told her what happened.  I think she had some words with my dad about it and she then decided to drive to my dad's house and drop off over 50 rolls of toilet paper at their doorstep as if to say, if you need toilet paper that bad, then here's enough for the whole year.  LOL My mom is crazy.  Anyway that's just one of the many incidents that made me hate my stepmother when I was younger but now we have a great relationship.

So while I was talking to my grandmother this morning she talked about how she only sees her grandchildren once or twice a year and how she's had so many surgeries this year, etc...  Now you're probably saying that's horrible and I should feel bad for her, which I do, but you have to understand that this woman is ALWAYS negative.  I mean some might say it's because she's getting old but I know that 20 years ago, I noticed it too, even as a child and when I had depression issues, I started thinking that maybe she has a mental imbalance because for someone to be that down all the time is just not normal.  So when I sit and talk to her on the phone and she says these things, I just think, "she's just trying to get me to feel sorry for her".  I mean I know it's been hard for her since grandpa passed but even before that, she was the same.  The last, I would say, 5 times I've talked to her on the phone at the end of the conversation, I'll say "I love you" and her response is, "ok you take care".  She, I don't think has ever said, I love you to me.  I could go on and on about the non existent closeness that I have with her.  I mean 2 years ago, she came down for Christmas and when she saw me she said, "Oh I don't know if you're getting taller or wider".  WTF, Who says that!  Now my great grandmother (her mother) RIP, I was ok with.  We got along and everything was great but then she passed away.  Anyway, my grandmother already told me that she's going to send me a check for Christmas which is great because I'm still unemployed.  So I appreciate that I can talk to her and spend time with her when it's possible but there's always that little voice in the back of my head that dreads having to go see her or talk to her.

So after I talked to her, I went back to sleep until around 12:30 and decided to just stay home today and relax and finish looking for furniture tomorrow with my mom.  Then I let the dogs out and attempted to plug the hole they dug under the fence so they wouldn't escape, yeah right, they escape all the time if we don't have them on the chains or in our dog room as we call it.  So they escaped and ended up in the front yard and I let them spend the rest of the day in the dog room.  I just can't spend hours every day trying to plug holes in my yard so they won't escape and I'm not getting a new fence installed to a property that I don't even own, it's just not happening.  Anyway after all the dog drama, I had some leftover Chinese food from yesterday and my husband came home and to my surprise, he had gotten the new Playstation Move system which is like the Wii, but for the Playstation 3.  So I was very excited because one of my favorite games called Little Big Planet is compatible with the Playstation Move.  So my husband played this sports game and for some reason, I got really tired while he was playing and I didn't even get to play it before he left to meet a friend at the mall.  So I took a nap on the couch and was knocked out.  Then my husband calls me and tells me that our friend is coming over which is ok because the house is clean enough for him to come by.  But then he says that another friend is coming over too which is also ok but I wanted to tidy up a bit and because I was in such a deep sleep, it was like when I woke up, I was out of it and had to really struggle just to get everything neat.  But I did, and when they came over, we had some food from "Cook Out".  I know if you've read my other blogs then you know I just had some "Cook Out" the other day but who cares, it's food.  So then they played with the Playstation Move and really liked it.  After they left, I watched the Celtics game against the 76ers and it truly was a great game.  With less than 6 seconds left and with the Celtics down by one, Garnett made the jump shot and won the game for the Celtics. GO CELTICS BABY!  So that was a perfect end to this day.  I REALLY get into the games and I was screaming at the top of my lungs when they won.  I think I get more into it than my husband who's favorite team are the Lakers.  BOO! 

So that was pretty much my day, I talked to my grandmother over the phone, had some friends over, and watched an awesome game that ended well.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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