Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Furniture Was Delivered Today!!!

So that's my new living room furniture.  They delivered it today around 2 pm and the men who delivered it were very professional.  They set up the couches, the pillows that went with them, and the glass tables and arranged it just like I wanted it.  The other half of the living room has the Christmas Tree in it.  It's so funny because when you're in a huge furniture warehouse, you don't really grasp just how big the furniture is going to be but when they put it in the room, I was happy because it's plenty of room for anyone who wants to come over.  Plus we have furniture in our den so this is just extra for people who don't want to sit and watch a movie or play games.  They can just sit in the living room and chill.  Oh and the cat in the picture is one of my cats named Chester.  He's the first to notice the furniture and he matches it perfectly.  The couches are a black/grey kinda tweed color and it's perfect because they're dark enough to where cat hair won't show up and sturdy enough to where the cushions can't easily be ripped.  Now I want to have a get together just so my friends can see my furniture even though I posted it on facebook.

But I didn't post a blog yesterday because I knew I had to get up early, well early for me, today to wait for the furniture to be delivered so I had to go to bed early.  Plus yesterday was a great day for my dog's housebreaking experiment.  They have been doing wonderfully.  First there have been no accidents in the house which is great.  All I have to do is let them out every now and then and then they go outside.  Also we let them sleep in the dog room at night and even though it's not perfect, there was only a minor accident overnight.  But I have a feeling that if I keep up with getting up earlier every day and getting them used to going at a certain time, there won't be any accidents at all.  So today was a success as well.  The dogs are outside right now but not on the chain because of a friendly neighbor.  I went outside yesterday to try to get some heavy rocks to plug up this hole that they were getting out of and I asked the neighbors friend if he had a wheelbarrow because I needed an easier way to transport the rocks from the front yard to the back yard.  Well he said he didn't have one here but when I told him about the situation with the dogs escaping, he offered to nail a piece of wood where they had been getting out under the fence.  So after he did that, I reinforced it with some rocks on my side of the fence and they haven't gotten out since.  So because of his kindness, my dogs can now go outside and play and not escape.  I just thank God.  So in the morning I let them out to play and do their business, then I let them in for a while, then I let them out and so on and it's really been working.  Here's a pic of them.  The big one is Amanda.  She's a German Shepherd and Pitbull mix.  And the smaller one is Jasmine and she's a Miniature Schnauzer and Australian Shepherd Mix. 

Aren't they cute? :)  Anyway today's been a relaxing day because the dog's were good, the furniture was delivered and my husband and I just watched Zombieland.  It's a pretty funny movie.  And yesterday my husband told me that he got the NBA League Pass which allows us to watch every NBA game on Direct TV.  So I can watch my Celtics every night!  But that's basically the last 2 days.  The dogs are doing well in their training, I got my furniture, and I watched a cool movie.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.


  1. I did not catch the part of the blog the other day where your German Shep is mixed with Pit.

    As I told you in my post, my labs are mixed with Pit. I have seen a bit of an agression problem in one of them, I do not want to automatically assume it is the pit, I know dogs are how you raise them to be, but I was wondering if you had noticed anything in your German Shep as well?

  2. Well the only time I've noticed Amanda being aggressive is when I'm walking her and if she gets a bad vibe about someone she will growl and aggressively bark at them and I just tug her leash and most of the time she stops. In the past when they were on their chains, if someone who she didn't agree with came in the back yard, she would do the same thing but I don't know if that's just being protective or if she would really hurt someone if given the chance. She's more of a marshmellow than a viscous dog. LOL. But I used to think that it was all in how you raise a dog, whether they're going to be aggressive or not until I saw this episode of Pitbulls and Paroles and the woman on there said that if you breed certain different types of pits that because they're not supposed to be mixed like that, they can turn out aggressive no matter what you teach them. So who knows. You just have to know they're boundaries. My dad's dog which is an Alaskan something hates kids and therefore if my cousins come to town, they have to board her for safety reasons. So I would suggest talking to your vet first because there are anti anxiety pills that can help with that and then go from there to prevent any injuries or acts of aggression. I hope that helps.