Tuesday, November 30, 2010

About Me

Hey this is my first blog EVER so hopefully I won't sound stupid but I'll just start by telling you a little about myself.  I'm 27, been married for 3 years, I confess that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and I have 6 cats, 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and a lot of hamsters.  I'm currently seeking employment but I do have an online business on ebay.  But don't worry, I'm not writing this blog to advertise.  I really just want to share my thoughts every day.  I live in Greensboro, NC and have lived here my whole life.  I enjoy playing video games, watching movies, sports, tv.  My favorite NBA team are the Boston Celtics.  My favorite NFL team are the NY Giants.  My favorite college basketball, football team are the UNC Tarheels and my favorite MLB team are the Boston Red Sox.  I'm hardcore into watching my games and get really into it. 

I consider myself a very social person and love to have get togethers at our place with our friends and go out and catch a movie and get some great food as well.  I have a half sister but she lived with my dad so technically I was an only child.  My favorite food is Italian, even though a close second would probably be suishi.

I don't have any children yet but plan to have at least 3 when the time is right.  But I have my hands full with my animals.  I've been unemployed since July and have been seeking employment and focusing on being a good wife and homemaker with my unlimited free time.  I love to cook.  I took culinary arts classes when I was in high school but decided not to be a professional chef and then recently I took up cooking again.  Thanksgiving was great at our house :).

I can't think of anything else at the moment but just comment if you have any questions.  I probably will be posting more blogs every day.  I just want a place that I can express myself and get feedback, support, etc...  Thanks and God Bless.