Sunday, December 5, 2010

What a wonderful snowy day :)

So first of all I'd like to apologize about not posting yesterday but I fell asleep early and didn't wake up until 5 am just to take my contacts out and go right back to bed.  But I promise that I'll be posting every day from now on.  But just a quick recap of yesterday's activities....  I had a job interview at 3 pm but first I was awakened early because my husband said that the repairman was coming to fix a lot of stuff in the house.

Just a quick back story on that... We've been renting this house for almost 2 years now and about a year and a half ago a pipe busted in our laundry room which flooded the hallway and part of 2 bedrooms to the point where when we stepped on the carpet it squished because it was so saturated.  So we called the landlord and they sent out these men to clean it up.  Well they came with what looked like a cheap carpet cleaner and when they saw all of the water they said that they would need to replace the carpet and come back another day.  Well to make a long story short, a year and a half later, after the soaked carpet air dried, nothing has been done about it.  All our landlord does is lie and lie and lie.  They did fix the leaking pipe but did not replace the carpet.  So recently we contacted the city inspector about it after my husband overheard a person talking about how the best thing to do in a similar situation is to contact the city about it.  So when the inspector came, it was great because not only did he look at the carpet, but he pointed out everything that was wrong with the house, (leaking ceilings, toilet running, etc...  So our landlord had 45 days to get the stuff fixed and of course it hasn't been fixed yet.  So the inspector came by again and said that they would incur a $250 fine and a $25 fine each day after the 45 day period that was originally given.  So now there's going to be a court date but we don't have to be there because we don't own the house.  Basically the whole issue is that when the landlord moved us in, the house wasn't up to code and he didn't get it inspected so it was illegal for him to rent it out.  But maybe after $500 of fees, he'll wake up and get some stuff fixed.  Oh well it's not my money that's paying for fees that could have been avoided.

So back to why I was woken up.  For some reason the repair man that has been saying for a month now that he's going to fix everything but hasn't, told my husband that he was coming around 1:30-2:00 pm so my husband woke me up early even though I really needed the sleep before my interview to tell me that I needed to make sure that everything was clean because he was going to be in the dog room which I bleach every day because it's like a mud room that's being used as a dog house to keep them warm at night.  So I bleach it to keep it fresh and sanitized.  Anyway I get up early and do all of this, half asleep, and then go to my interview.

So the interview was in Winston Salem which is about a 45 minute drive from my house.  So I left an hour early thinking I'd have plenty of time to get there.  Nope.  Why you ask.  2 reasons. 1 because I-40 seemed to be more backed up than usual on the way there and 2 because I have come to the conclusion that people in Winston Salem cannot drive.  I mean who waits a full minute to go through a green light with no one in front of you.  So Thank God, I got there literally at 3 pm.  So the interview, I think, went great.  The only problem is that I have a foot condition called plantar facitis which basically means the muscle that is in the middle of my foot gets inflamed when I'm on my feet.  And I would say that after an hour of standing, I have to be able to sit or the pain will get so bad that I literally can't think.  I've had it for years and I know if I lost weight it would at least make the pain less.  So I mentioned it to them because I didn't notice any chairs or stools for the employees in the store and there response was that I would be able to sit during my breaks and lunches.  So I figured that if I told them about my condition that they would be like "Oh well we can find a stool for you since you have this condition" but no, they just said that with the position I'm applying for, I'd be standing for 99% of the time.  So I mean, I really want the job but the last job I took that was on my feet, I literally quit after a day because I was physically ill the day after because of the pain.  So it's one of those situations where if  I get an offer for a job, I may have to turn it down.  Oh well.

After the interview I met my husband at "Mi Pueblo" Mexican Restaurant but for some reason right after he told me to meet him there he also told a family member he'd help her get something out of layaway from Kmart for his nephew.  So I get to Mi Pueblo and I don't see his car and then he called and told me he was waiting but that it would be another 30 minutes before they even got to the front of the line because there were so many people there.  Now keep in mind that I had already driven from Winston which probably took 30 minutes to get to the restaurant.  So I was so tired that I just slept in the parking lot waiting for him.  It ended up taking him about an hour to get to the restaurant because once they got to the front of the line, Kmart couldn't find their stuff.  But it was ok because I got a much needed nap.  So the food was great as usual.  Then we came home and I crashed after watching some TV.

OK I'll make today a little shorter because I went on and on about yesterday.  But today I was supposed to go shopping with my mom but it started snowing like crazy here.  Now I know in some northern states snow is just the norm but in NC, it's like a holiday when it snows so I decided to play it safe and stay home and play with my dogs in the snow.  Then my husband was already out watching a movie with his friends and then he went to the mall but they were all supposed to come back here to the house so I made sure the house was "company clean".  You know there are different levels of clean.  There's just me and husband clean which is neat but who cares, then there's close friends clean, which is clean but if there's 1 dish in the sink, who cares, but then there's company clean, which is spotless, dusted, swept, vacuumed, etc...  Now don't think I'm an untidy person because every week I clean the entire house so that when company does come over, I just have to do a bit of touch up cleaning.  I also don't go to bed unless all the dishes are clean.  It keeps me sane. 

So apparently because of the snow, all his friends, which are by the way, all my friends too, decided to go home.  So all the extra cleaning was for nothing.  Oh well, at least there's no dust on the TV.  So I ended up ordering some pizza and wings from a Fox Pizza because the pizza place in the mall was trying to charge $4 dollars for a slice of pizza!  My husband came home and I played with the dogs some more and as usual while I wasn't looking, they escaped twice.  That's a whole other topic.  But they're back inside now.   But my husband did get the Michael Jackson game for Wii, Final Fantasy 13 for PS3, and a Xbox Kinect system which we tried out last night.  It's really fun but it's going to take some time to get used to after using the Wii.  But I tried out the Michael Jackson game today and it is so much fun.  You literally do his dance moves and there are so many of his songs on there.  Then I played Final Fantasy...  I warned my husband that I would instantly be addicted to it but he didn't believe me.  2 and a half hours later and I was still playing while he took a nap.  You probably already guessed this but I love it.  Now it's almost 3 am and I'm thinking about playing it again.  I probably shouldn't but it's so tempting.

So that's the last 2 days of my life.  Nothing still isn't fixed in the house, I had some great Mexican food, and I got some great games.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.


  1. Wow, we are neighbors! I live in Mebane, which is just on the otherside (east) of burlington.

    I enjoyed your blog. I started here too, just a month or so ago although I came for very different reasons. I am trying this as a "therapy" of sorts, to purge out some of the things I feel have poisoned me my whole life.

    I cannot seem to address these things with my family, so I came here, to lay it all out at the feet of strangers, i guess. So far everyone has been wonderful and it is really helping.

    I think once my intended journey is over, I will go to your style of blogging, I think it is really theraputic and a good way to get a different perspective on your life.

    I will definatley be following your journey!!

  2. Thank you for reading my blog and I'm glad you enjoy it. I just try to literally talk about my day because my mom is always telling me I should right a book about my wacky experiences. Also in the last year I've had the strange urge to get a journal and I just figured that writing a blog would be more interesting.