Monday, December 6, 2010

A great Tangled 3D movie day with my mom :)

So today, I woke up around noon because my mom called me and woke me up because we were supposed to go shopping today.  So I got up and my husband called me and suggested that we do majority of our shopping tomorrow because he gets paid tomorrow and because he wanted to see a movie with a mutual friend, he also suggested that my mom and I go to see a movie today.  So I thought it was a good idea and I called my mom and explained to her that it would be better to go shopping tomorrow and go to the movies today.  Now my mom isn't the most social person.  Usually, if I ask her to go to the movies, she thinks of an excuse for not wanting to go.  I know not to ask her to go to the movies on the weekend because she'll be like "there's going to be too many people there, I'm not going".  So I figured asking her to go to a movie on a Monday afternoon when kids were still in school, she wouldn't have a valid excuse. 

But of course she did have something to complain about to get her out of having to go out to the movies.  Her excuse/complaint was that we didn't need to spend the extra money on the movies and that she just wanted to get the shopping out of the way and get my grandmother's gift today.  But I broke it down to her explaining that tomorrow I'd have much more money and we would have more to work with for my grandmother's gift, groceries, and hopefully some furniture.  My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him, I wanted some living room furniture because we have a den and a living room.  The den is fully furnished and that's where we play our games, watch TV, eat, everything.  But in our living room, there's just a bow flex machine and it's huge so it takes like a 4th of the living room.  But my thing is, we're paying for a house that has a den and a living room and we're only using the den.  I hate it when I have a lot of company over and if one group wants to play video games, the rest of us have to just sit there and watch them because there's no where to sit but in the den.  Well that's going to change after tomorrow, hopefully because I'm going to have me some living room furniture.  I plan on getting it at some thrift shop (Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, etc...) so I'm not paying $1000 for a living room set.

Anyway after re explaining to her the benefits of going shopping tomorrow and seeing a movie today she finally caved in.  So we decided to see Tangled in 3D.  It was wonderful!  It was just such a great twist on the story of Rapunzel and it was heartwarming, funny, and just an all around great movie.  So originally we were going to get hot dogs at the theatre because we were hungry and at the Carmike 18 in Greensboro, they have concession specials during the week.  But they didn't sell hot dogs so we just ended up eating popcorn and nachos.  So afterwards we went to "Poblanos" Mexican restaurant at Friendly Shopping Center and it was great as usual.  After that we went to this store right next to "Poblanos" called "Gotcha Covered" and they have college team memorabilia, flags, collectibles, etc.. and I decided I needed a flag pole because I had purchased a Christmas flag with Snoopy on it and I needed somewhere to hang it.  So after I figure out how to install it, I'm going to be one of those people with flags hanging year round for each season.  Then we went to her house and she showed me some renovations she had made to her dollhouse that she bought at goodwill the other day with me.  My mom loves to buy new things and rearrange things.  She's retired now so she will move furniture, start projects, and play with her toys, in this case it was the miniatures inside the dollhouse. 

So after she showed me all the changes in the house she made and the dollhouse, I watched a little of the new show skating with the stars.  I don't think I'll be keeping up with that one.  Way too many injuries and I'm just like, Why would anyone put themselves on the line just for some extra fame.  Dancing is one thing but skating, No way.  Anyway after we watched some TV, I went home and watched my husband's team the NY Jets get their asses kicked.  LOL.  And at the same time, we watched Monday Night Raw WWE Wrestling.  Yes, I watch wrestling because my husband got me in it.  I just have to say GO JOHN CENA!  Anyway after I watched a little of wrestling, I decided to tackle the laundry and dishes.  So even this very minute I'm waiting for a load to dry at 2:09 am.  But it's ok because cleaning makes me so happy.  I mean it's like therapy for me.  I just feel so much better when my house is in order. 

So that was my day.  I argued with my mom, went to see Tangled 3D which was great, and had some great food.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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