Monday, December 6, 2010

A great day with friends. :)

So today started out with my husband waking me up (who by the way is a preacher, but doesn't have his own church, he just preaches sometimes at our church), and I was having some weird dream so I said to him, "did you get the square in the quadrant" and then I realized that that sounded weird so I just said what are you doing and he was like I'm getting ready for church.  I didn't know what time it was and I'm a night owl so sometimes I just sleep into all hours of the day.  So I was going to get up and attempt to get ready for church but while I was in the bathroom, he was like, I'm going now to church and I realized it was already past 11 which is when our service begins.  Now I know what you're thinking...  How could a preacher's wife not go to church.  Well I'm not a morning person at all.  Even with 12 hours of sleep, if I wake up at 6 am for instance, I feel like crap but I can wake up at noon with 5 hours of sleep and feel fine.  I think it has to do with me liking to sleep with sun in my face.  It just does something to me.

Anyway, for some reason my husband doesn't wake me up for church.  He just doesn't.  There have been times when I will set my alarm and sleep through it, and he will just let me sleep and when I ask him while I'm rushing to church, why didn't he wake me, he's like it's your responsibility to wake up for church, not mine.  Even our friends agree that that's wrong.  I mean I'm not asking him to be a human alarm clock but at least warn me that if I don't get ready soon, I'll be driving to church alone in my car.  That's another thing.  If I take too long or he thinks I'm getting ready too slowly will make him extremely late for church, he will just leave me to drive my car to church and show up separately which I think looks bad and makes people talk.  "Why would a married couple show up separately, are they having problems?  What's her deal that she can't get here on time, etc"...  So if he leaves me, I don't go, plain and simple.  I just feel horrible walking in later than him and a lot of times it's not just the sleep thing, it's also that Sunday is my laundry, bathroom, kitchen, mopping, etc... day.  And if I actually have a job, which I don't know, but if I do, I don't feel like sitting through a 3 hour church service, eating afterwards, getting the itis (the involuntary urge to sleep all of a sudden after eating a large meal), and then having to do 4 to 6 loads of laundry and everything else that has to be done before whatever time I have to be at work the next day.  So maybe my excuses sound selfish but at least I'm being honest.  But of course I didn't go today because my husband left at around 11:15 so if I had gotten ready I wouldn't have gotten there until like noon at the earliest and that wasn't going to happen.

So I went back to sleep until around 1:45 and when I woke up, I was very surprised at how much longer I had slept but then I realized that since I'm on my period, it sucks all the energy out of me, even with taking iron pills every day, and that's probably why I slept so much longer.  So about 5 minutes after I woke up, I was in the bathroom and my husband calls and is like "Oh baby, don't you want the guys from church to come over for some dinner", and I'm like ummm first of all,  I just woke up and haven't even put my contacts in or nothing, and second, I haven't bleached my dog room, cleaned the cat litter boxes or lit the incense yet so you're going to have to give me some time.  And no my house doesn't stink, I make sure of that by doing those chores I just listed every day.  I just light incense because I know with a house full of animals, you can never be too careful.  Anyway I guess when I told him all of this, he heard the teacher in Charlie Brown's voice and 15 minutes later he was like "How are you coming along baby because Paul's on his way".  So I freaked because I was just about to fill the bucket with water and bleach and the incense hadn't been lit.  I didn't even do the cat litter boxes because they had just been filled with new litter less than 12 hours ago and so I wasn't ready.  So I told him that I would kindly tell Paul that he would have to wait outside for a few minutes, not to mention I hadn't taken a shower yet or changed out of my Pajamas!  So my husband was like "you have a bra on right" and I was like yeah but I look like crap.  He then told me that he wasn't going to have Paul waiting outside anytime and that he could come in when he got here.  So I quickly got the bucket filled it up and mopped like a madwoman.  Thank God my husband got here before Paul and he asked if I was ok because I had literally burst into tears because I don't let anyone in my house unless it's clean.  I just don't.  Because no matter what anyone says.  If it stinks or if it's dirty, people always ask, "well why didn't the wife clean it?" 

So I made sure that the toilets were clean in the guest bathroom and everything was in order and I hopped in the shower.  My friends started showing up while I was in the shower but I had the door locked so no one would burst in and I changed in the bathroom so there wouldn't be any streaking going on.  After I got out of the shower and composed myself, I went up front and my friends were up there and we had some Church's Chicken.  It was nice because Paul actually bought some ingredients from the store and made some green beans and some nice mashed potatoes.  So a little home cooking added to the meal.  After we ate, we played with the new Kinect for Xbox system and played the sports game.  They played the boxing game and then I joined in with the bowling game which I didn't do great at because I'm still getting used to the Kinect system.  I've had the Will now for a year and I love it but the Kinect is literally like the Wii except without a controller so your hands are the controller.  It takes some adjusting to.  Then I put the new Michael Jackson game for the Wii and we all played that.  In the game you literally dance Michael Jackson's dance moves for each of his hit songs.  It's a great game.  We had a ton of fun playing the game.  It was actually the hit of the get together.

So after everyone was worn out from dancing with the Michael Jackson game, they left and my husband started doing his homework for the week.  He's getting his Bachelors degree and should graduate this summer if all goes well.  And I proceeded to play my new obsession.  Final Fantasy XIII for Playstation 3.  Like I said in my last blog, I warned my husband that I'd be obsessed with it and I have probably played for 3 hours total today.  Of course because of the company that arrived, I haven't gotten any laundry done, or chores of any kind.  But there's always tomorrow.  Maybe not because I'm going shopping with my mom because originally we were supposed to go yesterday but because of the snow, we didn't go.  Also my husband and I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up my birth control pills along with some other medications and we decided to eat some Coldstone Ice cream at Friendly Center.  That's the place where you start with a base ice cream like chocolate or vanilla and then add all the fresh ingredients you want, for a fee of course, but it's soooo good.  So after we ate the ice cream, we got the prescriptions and headed home where I played more Final Fantasy XIII and wrapped up the night.  On another note the NY Giants won today against the Redskins.  That was as my dad would say "A Butt Whooping".  GO GIANTS!!!  Also the Celtics won against the Nets today, Big surprise there.  GO CELTICS!!!

Well that's pretty much my day, had some friends over, had a great time, and both of my teams won today.  What a great day.  Thanks for listening and God Bless


  1. Being on the monthly definitely sucks the energy out of me too. Never realized until you pointed it out. Hmmmm.

  2. Yeah, it's always something that just takes all of my energy. I started taking Iron pills because I'm on the pill and that apparently depletes your iron levels but when my period comes on, it's like the iron pills don't do anything and I just suffer through it. But I am glad that my cramps aren't that bad to the point where I'm unable to function like some women I've met. Thanks for reading.