Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Finally Got My Living Room Furniture!!!

So if you've read my other blogs, you know that in my home, we have a den and a living room.  Well we've been here for almost 2 years and the den has the TV and furniture but the living room doesn't have any furniture in it except for an over sized bow flex machine which will be gone once the furniture is delivered.  So as you can tell by the title, today we finally got furniture for the living room today.

So today I woke up around 11:30 and asked my husband when he wanted to go to look for furniture and he said around 4 pm because he had to work first.  So we decided to invite my mom to come with us because originally she was supposed to come over to watch last week's survivor with us because we have a DVR and she missed the last episode.  Well we never made it back to the house to watch last week's episode but that was ok.  So while he was at work, I decided to play with the dogs outside and of course once I wasn't watching them, they escaped.  Well usually when they escape, they just come around the house and wait for me to let them in but today they decided to run through the whole neighborhood.  So after they exhausted themselves, they showed up at the front door and I let them in.  When they came in, I noticed a fowl odor from their breath once I sat down with them on the couch and I surmised that it was dookie breath (literally).  So my first instinct was to kick them out of the house but by the time, I smelled it, they had already fallen asleep on the couch with me so I couldn't disturb their ultra cute sleep time.  So at some point, I had to let them back in the dog room so I could get ready to go with my husband to look for furniture.  So I let them in the room and when I got back in the house, I realized that the whole front of the house smelled like their dookie breath.  I febreezed every carpet, couch, blanket, etc... and lit 2 incense, along with spraying some fragrance spray.  Then even after I took my shower, I could have sworn that I could still smell it in my nose, even though I know that it was just an after effect.  Now that's what I call bad breath! 

So when my husband got home after work, we drove to my mom's house and got there around 4 and we went to this place called "American Furniture Warehouse" on High Point Rd. in Greensboro.  We saw an ad on TV for it and figured, why not give it a try.  We have been trying to get the furniture at thrift stores but to be honest, the furniture has either been stained, broken, or way too overpriced for used furniture.  I mean who donates furniture and thinks it's going to be sold for $500?!  I know I wouldn't donate furniture to a place unless I knew they weren't going to exploit it.  I mean I don't know about you, but if I had $1000 to spend on furniture, I wouldn't be buying it at Goodwill.  So we figured we would try this place for some nice new furniture.  So the store was really nice.  It's just like it says, it's a giant warehouse full of furniture but it's clean and well maintained and at first when we were looking through everything, we started out in the, "if you have good credit or a credit card with a high limit section", where living room sets were like $3000 but then we found the clearance section.  Ahhh Thank God for the Clearance Section.  Basically the clearance section consisted of all new but maybe it was a couch but without a matching love seat or a couch that obviously needed another piece because it didn't have arms on both sides because it was part of a set.  So most of the clearance couches ranged from $200 to $500 and so at first we didn't think we could find a set but then my husband found a black print couch and love seat set for $499.  It's not the biggest couch or the most fluffy but it's new and it's perfect for our house because the color is dark and the fabric is strong, so because we have 4 cats in the house along with dogs that occasionally venture into the house, it's a great deal.  So then I thought we should look for a coffee table set and again at first we found pricey tables for $300 for a 3 piece set but then we found a glass coffee table with 2 end tables set that was $99 and it had black legs so it matched the couch perfectly.  Now the salesperson, who was very nice I might add, had already told us that he would try to make us a deal.  So I was hoping to get the table set for half off but what he did was take $25 off of the $50 delivery fee which was good enough for me.  So we ended up getting a couch, love seat, and a 3 piece coffee table set with tax and delivery fee was a little under $700.  Just so you know, I've never spent that much money on furniture.  I'm always a goodwill or salvation army girl but my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him that I wanted living room furniture.  And it's nice to break out of that thrifty mode once in a while.  This is probably is the first piece of new furniture we have in this house.

But the main reason that I really wanted it was because when I have a big get together, I have friends that like video games, myself included, friends that like movies, and friends that just want to chill.  So I remember last year, I think it was for New Years, majority of my friends played video games but the rest of the group had to just sit and watch them play and I could tell they were bored because there was no where else to sit in the house to get away from the video games.  So I don't ever want to run into that again.  Plus I've been calling my living room, "The Walking Room" because you walk into the house and walk right through the living room into the kitchen.  Just 4 walls with carpet, well not anymore after they deliver the furniture on Saturday.  We've been debating on whether or not to get a TV in there as well but after watching the Celtics game tonight, I realize, I want one in there.  I mean sometimes my husband wants to watch a normal program like a drama and I'm like, "ummm my Celtics are playing so I need to watch the game" but with the TV in there we could both watch what we want.  IDK, Tell me what you think.  Do you think it's too much to have a TV in the living room and den or should I just not care and get what I want? :)

Anyway after we got the furniture, we went to "Macaroni Grill" at Friendly Center in Greensboro and it was delicious as usual.  The calamari is the best in Greensboro and everything is so fresh and flavorful.  It's an Italian restaurant.  After we left there, I dropped my mom off and we went back home.  I then watched the Celtics and Knicks game which was GREAT!  Basically the score was close the whole game but towards the end for some reason, the Knicks were leading the Celtics by 4 points consistently.  So the Celtics would make a shot and then the Knicks would make a shot and this went on for over 10 minutes.  So then finally the Celtics got a stop (a stop is when a team has possession of the ball and they don't score in that possession before having to turn the ball over to the other team) and when the Knicks missed that shot it gave an opportunity for the Celtics to come back and they did.  First it was tied, then we were leading by 1 and then tied again and with less than a minute left, Paul Pierce (my favorite player of the NBA) made a jump shot and won the game!  Oh man just thinking about it makes my blood rush.  I love my Celtics and tonight was a great game.  OK Now that I've calmed down, after we watched the game and after I stopped jumping around the room, we watched Survivor from last week and an episode of Dr. Phil. 

So today I had to deal with dookie breath, Got some great furniture, and watched a totally awesome game.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.


  1. Ick for dookie breath. But yay for new furniture!!! And yes. I think you should get what you want. :) As for your question about presents, I just don't like the organization of it. we do presents when we come across something the other person would really like. But we don't like shopping or a lot of stuff, so mandatory 3 time a year gifts just don't work for us.

  2. New furniture rocks, although I could have done without the dookie breath. Enjoy!

  3. FreeFlying: Thanks for reading my blog and I enjoy reading yours every day. I thought about being a flight attendant once but I figured I would have to lose some weight first. LOL

    Fickle Cattle: Thanks for reading my blog as well and sorry if I grossed you out with the dookie breath but I try to keep my blog as honest as possible. It's literally an online journal of my life, even though if I have a boring day, I may have a topic for the day or something. I'm looking forward to reading your blog as I am following it now. Thanks. :)