Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Day of Cleaning

So originally today I was supposed to go shopping with my mom for furniture and a gift for my grandmother but... UPS was supposed to deliver my husband's check here and it didn't get here until 5:10 PM.  So of course the banks were closed and my mom and I decided to go shopping tomorrow because of lack of funds.  And of course my mom had to give me her lecture on making plans without money.  She was like "I've told you this a million times, Don't plan anything until you have the money in your hand".  That was when I knew to get off the phone ASAP because she was going to start going on and on and on and on.  She can turn one subject into 50 in a matter of seconds and you'll be stuck on the phone for hours off of one sentence that you said.  So I gave a stupid excuse like "Oh my husband is calling or I have to finish this laundry or sometimes I just am blunt and say, OK OK I have to go" and then she gets the message.

Anyway today I woke up around noon and I was a little lazy at first and decided to lay in the bed with my cats for a bit but then my husband told me that the repair man was supposed to come at 5 pm today to assess what tools he would need for one of the repairs to the house.  You can read in previous posts about how everything my landlord says is a lie and how we had to get the city involved just to get things fixed.  Anyway I got up casually because I was like, hey I have 4 hours to clean the litter boxes out and bleach the dog room and it usually only takes 30 minutes top for me to do that every day.  But then my husband said that all of a sudden, he decided to tell the repairman not to come at 5 because he had to go to bible study and so the repairman suggested that he come within the next hour or so when he could get "his man" as he called him, to come over and look at it on his lunch break.  So of course, I then had to go into Speedy Gonzalez mode and do the litter boxes and bleaching quickly.  But at the same time in the back of my mind, I was thinking that he was not going to show up because he never shows up.  But this time he did but by the time he go here I was finished with cleaning and I just waited in our bedroom while they looked at what needed to be repaired.  They were only here for 5 minutes so it was cool.

After they left, I started to finish the laundry from yesterday and then I took a shower in between loads.  I then cleaned the bathrooms and finished folding laundry.  After that I just watched some TV with my husband and had some food from "Cook Out".  It was great as usual and then after we watched Law and Order SVU, I played Final Fantasy XIII for about an hour and a half.  Now I'm about to watch Dr. Phil about his Dr. Phil Housewives.  It's soooo entertaining but I think I can identify with some part of each of the women except for that old brunette with her voodoo magic as I call it.  LOL.  So an uneventful day but I'm glad I got to focus on cleaning, laundry, and relaxing.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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