Thursday, December 2, 2010

I got my hair done...Finally!!!

So today I woke up around 11 am because I had a phone interview at noon.  This was my second interview with this company.  So the interview started a little late at around 12:08 but that was ok as long as they didn't bail on the interview alltogether.  The interview consisted of an introduction, 7 situational questions, and what their company would be offering me if I was chosen.  Well the interview went great and I felt like I had a wonderful rapport with the interviewer.  She seemed to be around my age, black, and could relate to my past experiences.  So after everything was said, she said that they were still aggressively interviewing canidates but that I was definitely still in the running and she called me back to schedule a live interview tomorrow with one of the managers in the store where I would be working.  So that went very well.

Then I realized, Oh Crap! My hair looks like Bomshiqua (My alter ghetto ego) and I can't go into an interview looking like this.  Now I haven't gotten my hair done in a while because of lack of funds and I just honestly never got the hang of doing my own hair so I've just been putting it up in a ponytail, but I knew it was in bad shape.  So first, I called one of my friends who had offered to do it later this week, hoping he could fit me in today, but he didn't answer.  Then I called my husband to see if we had any money so I could run up to the beauty hair school to get it relaxed (A perm that turns your hair straight), for a cheap price but seeing that today is the day before payday that didn't happen. but I'm glad it didn't because I have really been trying to keep my hair natural with no chemicals.  So I called my mom and she had been going on for weeks about this product that she uses on her hair and how one day she wanted to try it on mine so since she was free, which she usually is, she said to come on over and we would experiment with my hair.

So I went over with leftover CiCi's in tow and some summer sausage that wasn't opened for Thanksgiving and first we pigged out on the food and then we got down to business.  So at first I washed and conditioned my hair in the shower and I could already tell that something wasn't right because the right and left sides of my hair seemed to be normal and had long flowing hair but the back middle portion just wouldn't come down from the scalp so I thought I may have had a large bald spot.  But after I got out of the shower my mom saw the real deal and as I wasn't aware, she was extremely worried when she saw it.

So I sat down in the hard uncomfortable chair and she started added her products and blow drying, etc...  But it started to get painful when she started to tug the knots out of my hair.  Apparently most of my hair around my scalp was matted because I have been trying to go natural (when a black person decides to not add any chemicals and wear the hair that God gave them).  So because the new growth was more curly and knotted and I hadn't been taking care of it, it just matted over.  Kind of like when you have a Persian cat and you look up, if you haven't been brushing it and there are mats all over it and you have to cut them out.  But there was going to be no cutting of my hair, no ma'am! 

So my mom and I have always had this argument that the hairdryer does or doesn't work in helping get the tabgles out of my hair.  She says "well if you just get a blow dryer with a comb, then that will get them out" and I say "No it won't because I've tried that and it won't comb through anything".  So today she was proven wrong.  At some point after the 20th try of combing my hair with the blowdryer's comb extension, it didn't do anything, she was like "this blowdryer ain't doing nothing" and I was like, "what did I tell you".  So after the blowdryer didn't work, she tried spraying some oil sheen on my hair and seeing if that would ease the pulling of the knots out and it did somewhat but then she got the big dog out.  It was called "Feels Like Silk" by "Elasta QP" and it's like an oily liquid but not as thick as a gel and lighter than like a pink moisturizing lotion.  But Hallejula, it worked!

It was still painful for her to get the tangles out but they seemed to coming out much faster.  So after all the tangles were out, she combed through my hair which is about a little lower than shoulder lenghth so it's a lot of hair and she brushed it and told me to look at it.  I was very happy with the result because for the last few weeks I haven't been able to do anything to my hair but put it up in a ponytail and now I could wear it down.  But it became apparent that in a matter of 20 minutes my hair was starting to poof out which means instead of looking like Beyonce, I looked like Albert Einstein.  So I was like "I told you this would happen and I'll just have to wear it in a ponytail again".  But she was determined to fix it so we experimented with putting more silk in it, that didn't work, then my mom had an idea of wetting  a brush and brushing some water into my hair.  By that time I was about to head home so when I got home, my husband said he really liked my hair (SCORE!!), and I realized it had been way over 20 minutes and that my hair wasn't poofing out like a Chia pet.  So Thank God again because we found the solution.  So all I have to do is put the silk product on my hair tomorrow while I'm getting ready and then right before I leave, I'm going to brush it with a hard bristle wooden brush with water on the ends and my hair will not be poofy but get this, it actually created these sexy waves in my hair.

So interview, here I come tomorrow with beautifuly styled hairdo and a load of confidence that will hopefully get me the job.  On another note Lebron kicked the Cavs ass tonight.  I'm a Celtics fan but this game was fun to watch.  And as of last night the Celtics won their 5th game in a row.  GO CELTICS BABY!!!  So wish me luck on my interview tomorrow and thanks for listening once again.
God Bless

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