Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pap Smear Day! YAY!!!

So today was the day for my annual pap smear at my primary care physician.  It went well but there were a few bumps along the way.  The day started out with me waking up around 11 am so I had plenty of time to get there by 2 pm.  Then I found out that my husband was going to be off today because he worked an extra day on Saturday so I was happy about that.  I was right on time getting ready for the appointment and as soon as I hopped out of the shower, I got a call from a company for an interview.  Well it was an interview over the phone.  Apparently they liked what I said because I have another interview tomorrow at Noon over the phone again because the interviewer couldn't make it into town so she's doing the interviews over the phone.  So wish me luck. :)

So of course when the interviewer called, the first question she asked was, Do you have time to answer a few questions? and I was thinking heck no because I'm going to be late for my pap smear.  But of course I told her yes, I have time.  If I hadn't said yes, I know I wouldn't have that job waiting for me.  So I was late to my appointment but I called to let them know and that doctor office is like a hair salon.  You make an appointment at 2 and you don't start getting shampooed until 2:30 so it was nice to make them wait for a change. 

So after getting checked in and all of my vitals checked, the doctor came in who I ususally don't see, but my doctor was booked and I had to get this pap smear done this week before my period started on Friday and before I had to get my new pack of pills on Sunday.  But it was a woman doctor so that's all that mattered.  I just don't want some man staring down my va jay jay and sticking in something.  You get what I'm saying.  Anyway, she did the breast exam and got ready for the pap smear and she looked over at the speculum ( the long metal or plastic thingy that they stick in you and crank you open to get the specimen), and she said "I'm not using that on her.  It's way to big".  Well I hadn't really paid any attention to it but when I looked over it was a clear speculum the size of a mandigo penis times 4!  So I'm glad she noticed.  Then she stepped out of the room and started talking to the nurses complaining about how she can't work in a medical office that doesn't stock supplies and how stupid it was that they only had a size XL speculum to work with.  Then she started going on about how these small young girls can't come in here and have that used on them.  Then she made clear that she wasn't made at them but that she was going to bring it up to someone there.  Of course she didn't know that I could hear her.  But thank God she found a metal smaller speculum and when she walked back in she said "they were trying to get me to use that one that's for a woman who's had 5 babies and you've had none so I'm not going to torture you".  So that was a relief.

So after the pap smear all the results were clear, Thank God, and I decided to get a flu shot and tetnus shot as well.  So they drew some blood because of some levels that were high from the last time I went to the doctor and they gave me the shots.  I'm fine with needles, shots, blood, all of that because I've had surgery before so that part was a breeze.

So after all of that I talked to her about a bariactric clinic here in Greensboro about possibly getting the lap band surgery.  Yeah, I'm a big girl and apparently I'm so big that I qualify to get that surgery.  She said that most likely since I'm that fat, my insurance will cover it which would be great.  I talked to my husband about it and he said he would go to a free seminar with me about it to learn more info.  I'm excited whether I decided to do it or not, I know I can get some good info on other options on losing weight if I go to the seminar.

Speaking of losing weight, after I left the doctors office, we decided to eat some Cici's pizza.  LOL.  So I ordered for take out because they have a great deal where if you order 3 mediums, it's only $9.99 so we went with that.  But while I waited I decided to go to dollar tree and get some laundry supplies.  After I left the store it became apparent to me that the shots had taken their tole on my arm because I could barely carry a bottle of bleach.  I was pitiful and I almost didn't make it to the car.  So then I picked up the food at Cici's and went home.  The pizza was great.

So now I'm home for the night and the nurse did warn me about the shots causing me to feel like a may have a fever but I just feel high as a kite.  I was watching the last Final Destination with my hubby while we were eating and I almost fell asleep.  But I knew I had to write this blog.  Oh and FYI if you're 21 or over, you should get a pap test every 2 years and if you're on birth control pills, like me, then you HAVE to get one every year or they won't prescribe any more birth control for you until you get it.

I would like to know your thoughts or experiences on the lap band surgery thing or anything else that is on your mind.  Thanks again for your time.
God Bless

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