Monday, December 13, 2010

A Summary of the Last 3 Days

Sorry I haven't posted in the last 2 days but I've been hanging out a lot and having not such a good time with my husband.  But I'll just try to sum everything up.  On Friday our friend called us and invited us to go to Reidsville, NC to go to this toy shop that had action figures half off that day.  So I love toys but I don't necessarily get into small action figures.  So he picked my husband and another friend up and we all drove in the same car.  When we got there, it was way more than I expected.  First of all, all of the toys were old school.  I'm talking Rainbow Bright, Star Wars, Star Trek, Mickey Mouse, etc...  So I was very happy.  I ended up getting this purple and pink stuffed animal that is a Pegasus (a horse with wings but no horn like a unicorn) and it was only $4.  Then I got a small Mr. Potato Head because I collect them as well.  I also got a giant Millennium Falcon from Star Wars (The ship that Hans Solo drove) for $22.50 because it was half off.  I mean this thing is huge,  I would say at least 2 feet wide.  My husband didn't get anything because he's just not into toys as much as me and my other friend didn't get anything either but the friend who invited us, got a bunch and put some things on law away because he's really into toys even though he's 32.  LOL  So after we left there we went to a "Japanese" restaurant in Reidsville where they offered what I thought was sushi and hibachi.  I ended up getting steak and shrimp hibachi which filled me up but when I was about to order the sushi, the only kind they had was imitation crab meat and shrimp.  Well my favorite kind is Salmon.  So this place basically had fake sushi and I wasn't happy about it.  This is the second restaurant that I've been in in Reidsville that is fake.  The first was their first Elizabeth's Pizza which when you walked in looked like all of the rest of the ones they have in Greensboro, Burlington, Winston, etc... but there was a BIG difference.  First you seat yourself, then they don't have real menus, they just have take out paper menus, then I order my favorite meal of all time, Linguine with Clams with White Wine Sauce.  I've had it at many restaurants but Elizabeth's makes it the best.  So when they bring my order out, they made it with red sauce which is the equivalent to noodles topped with marinara sauce, not my thing.  So I asked my husband to take it back because they don't serve you there either.  You have to get up for your drinks, food, even it's a huge pizza, they just won't do it.  If I were in McDonald's, I would expect this but not in Elizabeth's.  So I ended up just eating pizza with my friends and we didn't pay for the food that we didn't order in the first place.  Also when we walked in we noticed that they had blaring loud music and it was rock music, kind of weird for an Italian restaurant but who cares.  But then we realized that it was Marilyn Manson playing.  Well we're all Christians and since he's a satanist and sings about that openly, we didn't want to hear that.  I mean, is this not a family restaurant or what?  So we asked the manager if he could change it and his response was "No because it was entered in in the jukebox".  So I was like, this is crazy because we have to listen to this crap with the cuss words in it, I might add, as children are walking into the restaurant.  So my friend put money in and played some black eyed peas because they didn't have any Christian music to counteract the satanic mood the previous selections had caused.  But we weren't aware that they didn't bleep any of the cuss words out of that album.  So then we felt guilty that there was still cussing going on on the radio. 

So back to that day, after we left the restaurant, we went back to Greensboro and went to "Barnes and Nobles" at Friendly Shopping Center and I remembered that they had a baby line as a part of their store with gift ideas for babies which included RUBBER DUCKS!  Now like I explained in previous blogs, I have a huge collection of rubber ducks and I was ecstatic to see they still had some ducks in colors that I hadn't gotten yet available.  So I ended up getting 2 ducks, one of which was yellow and the other which was light green and they both had white spots on them.  SO CUTE!  So after looking around, I figured that everyone was ready to go but I couldn't find my husband anywhere so I called him.  He said he was in the bathroom so I waited by the bathroom for a while and then gave up and started looking around the store again.  Then I heard his voice from the magazine section and he was talking to this white man about the Lord so I figured that he knew him and when I walked up they just continued talking about different topics and eventually, my husband introduced me to him.  Long story short, they ended up talking for over an hour while I looked through every section Barnes and Nobles had to offer and finally we left the store.  But the guy was just another Christian who felt the need to fellowship with my husband.  So after we left there, we went home.

Then on Saturday, my husband and I went furniture shopping.  We started at the "Habitat for Humanity" thrift store on High Point Rd. in Greensboro and then went to Goodwill across the street, then to Goodwill on Cone Blvd but we didn't find anything.  But while we were at the one on Cone, I found a rubber duck liquid soap dispenser, and a rubber duck toothbrush holder for my bathroom.  So my bathroom is definitely duckied up now.  So after we left there, we went to see the newest "Chronicles of Narnia" movie and it was great except without giving the movie away, there was a part in the movie that reminded me of my friend that died this year on June 30th.  He was my best friend from middle school on and he drowned while vacationing with his family.  So after the movie, I became emotional and I started talking to my husband about my feelings about my friend's death and how I feel that I'm going through another stage of grief even though it's already been 6 months and we were originally going to go to "Carrabbas" on High Point Rd. and we made it to their parking lot and he kept saying, let's just go home, because I was so emotional but I just kept saying, just let me get it out and I'll be fine.  So my husband is a preacher.  He doesn't have his own church or anything but he does preach at our church sometimes.  And sometimes when I need my husband, he turns into a preacher.  For instance, when I was crying instead of him saying something like "it's going to be ok", he says "that's why I tell you to get in your word and the Lord will heal you".  Like I get that but at that moment when I'm sobbing, I need my husband, not a preacher.  I'm not at church, I'm not his congregation.  I'm his wife and he should treat me as such and sometimes I feel he doesn't know how to do that.  So then we got into an argument about why he just can't support me instead of preaching to me all the time and he ended up dropping me home.  So this is where things for me get bad.  So my husband knows that I cried the whole way home, that I was feeling hopeless, useless because I can't find a job for the life of me, etc...  And because he's mad about the argument, he just leaves and eats at "Chilli's" restaurant with our friend for over an hour.  So when I got home, I was still crying, so I just got in the bed and cried myself to sleep but about 2 hours later, I realize that he's not there.  Now I was going to call a friend and talk to her about it but it was late so I didn't.  So I called him and he admits that he's just been having fun and eating good food while I'm at home sobbing and starving and he didn't even call to see if I wanted anything to eat!  So of course we argued some more on the phone and I just told him that I had to go back to sleep because I was too hungry to stay awake. (I know a little melodramatic) but I wanted to be.  So of course when he got home, I could hear him but I pretended to be asleep just so I wouldn't have to talk with him. 
So I went back to sleep and woke up around 4 am to put my retainer in, take my medication, and wrap my hair for the night.  So after I took the medication, I started working on my hair which entails me getting the knots out of my hair and then putting my silk product on and then brushing with a wet brush to create waves for the next day.  I then put it in a ponytail and put a female doo rag over my hair while it's still wet.  Trust me, it works.  But while I was doing my hair which only takes 5 minutes, I first started to feel warm, then hot, then burning up, so I turned the heat down.  But when I started back doing my hair, I started to feel like I was going to faint.  So I hurried up and finished my hair quickly and held on the sink because I honestly thought I was going to fall right there.  So I ran to the bedroom and when I laid down, I could feel my heart just pumping loudly in my chest and my stomach was in pain and I just felt horrible.  Well after about 10 minutes of that, I just fell asleep and it didn't come back.  But I think it may have been from this new drug I'm taking that controls my bowels.  I got my gallbladder removed when I was 15 and the gallbladder produces the chemicals that make your dookie, solid.  So most of the time I just diarrhea (I know gross, but I'm just being honest) and I've gotten used to it until I went to a specialist and he prescribed these pills which are like a miracle.  No more diarrhea!  But the pharmacist did tell me that I didn't have to take the pills with food but if  I felt nauseated or feverish that I should take them with food from then on.  So that night, I only had movie popcorn and I think the pills took a toll on me.  But no more episodes since then.

So this morning, I was awakened by my husband getting ready for church and I was surprised that I had slept that long.  I didn't set my alarm clock because really, even though I spent an hour arguing on the phone, I still went to sleep around 10 pm so I figured that I would naturally get up early the next morning, nope not this time.  I didn't get up until after 11 am.  So that's over 12 hours of sleep.  So he ended up going to a different church today called "Destiny Christian Center" which some of our friends had gone to in the past but this is the same church that the man in Barnes and Nobles goes to, so my husband got to see him again and talk with him some more.  So before church I could see that my husband was still a little angry but after church, it was like a peace came over him and it was like nothing ever happened between us. 

So while my husband was still out after church, I decided to go shopping because shopping is like therapy for me.  So I went the Goodwill on Elm Eugene St. in Greensboro and when I first walked in, this lady, white, middle aged came up to me and doesn't hi, or how are you doing, but just says to me  "you know that joke, keep your head on your shoulders, well where else would your head be?"  And I was like "Oh yeah"  And she was like "yeah that's a good joke, I could be a comedian, don't you think so?"  So I was like "Yeah, yeah" of course thinking by this point that this woman is off her rocker.  So after she left me alone she said the same joke to this person behind me and I was thinking, Let me get the hell away from her because she's crazy.  So I first looked at Housewares and then made my way to clothes to look for some gifts.  I know what you're thinking, why would she get gifts from goodwill?  But you would be surprised at how many shirts, blouses, skirts, housewares, still have the tags on them or are still in their original packaging.  So I found pretty much every one's gift between the 2 goodwill's I went to besides my dad and my husband's gift.  So I overheard the woman talking to various people while I'm in the store and to sum this up, she went from talking to strangers about how she thought that O.J was guilty to how she was afraid to have a statue of Mary at her house and wouldn't have Jesus there, to how she lived in the homeless shelter down the street and how the only reason there's a fire department there is because of her, to how she wanted to shoot somebody. (My sign to get the hell out of there).  To her sitting on the floor taking her socks and shoes off and trying shoes on, etc...  So after I went to checkout, this woman behind me asked me if this bag on the floor was mine and I said , No but thank you.  But I knew it was the homeless woman's.  So she comes up and the cashier asked her if it was hers and her response was "yeah, you're going to take care of me right, because if you don't I'll never shop here again".  So I was thinking, it's going to be some ish about to go down in here, so I'm glad I've already checked out. 

So after that I went to the Goodwill on High Point Rd. and then the dollar tree on the same street and got some much needed cleaning supplies.  Then I came home and we had Chinese food and watched Dr. Phil and the Cowboys and Eagles game.  So that's a summary of the last 3 days.  Whooo that was a lot to type.  So I got some cool toys, pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, and encountered a mentally disturbed woman who I'm going to pray for from now on.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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