Monday, December 13, 2010

A Day of Shopping with my Mom

So today I woke up around noon because I had to go to a follow up appointment with a specialist for my stomach at 1:45 pm and I ended up getting there a little late because people kept calling me when I was getting ready.  But I just reported to my doctor that everything was going great with my bowels and that there was no more pain in my side.  So he was very happy to hear that everything was going well.  So after that I picked my mom up and we went to the post office, which was packed, to send our presents to my grandparents and for me to send some packages for my business.  After we left there, we went to her bank so she could cash some checks and then we were going to go to a pancake place on Wendover Ave but we got turned around and ended up eating at Shoney's in High Point.  The food was great and they had this thing that if you got the soup and salad bar, they actually had fried chicken on the bar as well that you could eat.  So I ended up getting a burger and my mom got spaghetti and we shared our food along with the salad bar.  But afterwards, I was stuffed for hours.  So then we went to the Goodwill on Wendover Ave near High Point and my mom ended up getting a nice black leather stool and I found, you guessed it, some more RUBBER DUCKS!.  Actually I found 2 rubber duck soap dishes and 1 rubber duck toy.  So that made my day.  I also got some really weird looking ornaments that were like stuffed yellow stars that had these human mask faces in the middle of them.  But I love unique things so I got them.  I also got this weird looking glass hand that had a clock in the middle of it but I'm going to use it for my business cards. 

So after we left Goodwill, I dropped her back home and I headed home and watched my Giants play against the Vikings.  The Giants won of course and they played in Detroit because the Vikings stadium caved in so it obviously isn't accessible for a home game.  My husband and I also watched Monday Night Raw WWE Wrestling and were very happy to see that John Cena was hired back by the Nexus.  So he's no longer fired which is awesome!  At some point, I fell asleep between the game and the wrestling but I taped the game so I got to watch it later.

So that was my day, going to the doctor, going shopping with my mom, and watching my Giants win against the Vikings.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.


  1. I love goodwill! I go to the mebane one all the time. I actually went and spent about 80 bucks on dress clothes for work last month. Girl I got 4 blazers, 5 pair of slacks, 2 skirts, 1 pair of sling back heels, 5-6 long sleeve pull overs, 3 sweaters, 2 sleevless sweater vests, and 5 button up dress shirts!

    My closet is STOCKED for winter now :-)

    Oh, I wrote part two today, I thought it was fitting since today is the anniversary of the shooting. Now I feel like I need a shot of Jack Daniels...

  2. Yeah I live for Goodwill. I mean I'm at the point where I don't see a reason to spend $20 bucks on a shirt when I can get one for $3.75. And most of the outfits that I get complimented on are from there. I just like to go there and spend time with my mom as well.