Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a while now but I honestly have been so busy with the holidays that I haven't had the time or energy to write on here.  I usually write late at night after my husband has gone to sleep because I have this thing where I can't read or write if a TV is on or the radio or any type of sound.  For instance, let's say I'm writing now, if the TV is on, I'll just start typing what the person on TV is saying and then when I look back at it, I'm like WTF was I writing about and then it hits me that that's what the person on TV was talking about.  I mean I discovered this when I was in high school writing term papers and I would start handwriting lyrics to songs on the radio or the news report that was on TV.  The same thing with reading, if I'm reading and I hear something, it's so difficult that if I try, I get a headache and I may get 2 sentences in before giving up.  So because I had to get up early on most days during the holidays, I didn't have the time I usually have to blog at night.  But enough about my weird brain patterns.

So Christmas was great.  My husband and I went to his dad's house in High Point, NC and to my mom's house here in Greensboro.  My dad went up north to NJ to spend Christmas with my aunt and uncle.  So I dropped of the presents for them the day before they left and got their gifts after Christmas.  But at my father in law's house, we had a great dinner and to my surprise, there were A LOT of people there.  Now you may not be able to tell by my blogs but when I first meet people, I'm kind of shy but really it's just my anxiety.  My anxiety level sky rockets when I first meet someone especially if I feel I have to impress them because this is the first time they're meeting the new wife, even though we've been married for 3 years.  Anyway, so all these people show up and I put on my nervous smile and we ended up singing Christmas carols and having a good time.  I watched my Celtics lose that day at their house after their 14 game winning streak.  But it was all good because it was Christmas after all.  But we ended up getting a $25 gift certificate to Longhorn Steakhouse from his dad.

At my mom's house, we exchanged gifts and my mom loved her gifts.  I just had been picking out things that I knew she would like at Goodwill and she loved everything.  We had a great meal there too but the weather was bad.  It actually snowed here and ended up making the roads very slippery so we slide a few times in between our destinations on Christmas but we arrived home safely. 

But before we went all over town for Christmas, on Christmas morning, Santa came for the cats, dogs, and guinea pigs.  The cats got way too many toys and some special canned food.  The dogs got toys and some treats and the guinea pigs got some fresh carrots.  Santa spent way to much money on the babies this year.  LOL.  The first picture is of Stripes, the second is Joy, then Jasmine, Amanda, and Chester, (the grey one) and Samantha.

Then I had a New Years Eve part at my house.  It was really fun and this year I was determined to get all the cleaning done before the day of the party and I pretty much accomplished that.  The only thing I had to do was to sweep and mop the kitchen floors.  Easy right?  Not.  How about, I opened a brand new mop that I had gotten from dollar tree which usually lasts for months and while I was mopping the pieces of rope started falling of of the mop.  Long story short, I ended up mopping my floors with 3 strands of rope.  But I got it done.  No more mops from the dollar tree.  Anyway the party started at 8 and I made hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, cheese dip, cupcakes, and other people bought meatballs, potato salad, chips, drinks, cake, devilled eggs, etc...  So the food was great and I decorated the house beautifully.  I got all of my party supplies at dollar tree.  I ended up using this silver and gold garland instead of a banner because it went with the new years theme and everything ended up great.  Also my furniture really helped because in the den, people played video games and in the living room, we sat and watched TV, listened to music and played cards so it was perfect. 

So after about 1 am everyone started leaving because we actually had a lot of family friends including some teenagers that came so they had to get home.  Don't worry, we don't drink or smoke or anything so there was no alcohol in the house.  So my husband had to drop off his nephew and I was in the house with a friend and I went to pick up this piece of dirt on the kitchen floor and it was dookie.  So I was like WTF, because there hadn't been a dog in the house and all of my cats know how to use a litter box.  So long story short someone had tracked dookie from the outside across my living room carpet and into the kitchen.  So I started freaking out because I had zero energy and now I had to guess where there was dookie on my carpet next to my new living room furniture.  So I found a leaf in front of one of the couches and when I picked it up, it had dookie all over it.  So that must have been the source.  So I scrubbed every dark spot I could find on my carpet and cleaned the kitchen floor and it's clean now.  But the reason why there was dookie outside is because I have a cat named Rosie that has been stricken from the inside of the house because she refuses to use the litter box.  Before I kicked her out, she lived in my home for 7 years.  It got to the point where she was just confined to one room for obvious reasons.  So we tried changing the litter, changing the food, and then finally we tried anti anxiety pills for cats.  That worked for about a month and then she started again.  So finally after 7 years of cleaning up after her, I had enough and I kicked her out.  Well little did we know that she was going to start pooping in the grass right in the front yard and sometimes she'll poop right in front of the front door.  So we think that's what happened that night.  I just feel sorry for whoever stepped in it.  Pee U!  LOL

So on another note my husband got me a $75 gift certificate to Catherines Plus Size store and I have already spent it online.  They had an amazing deal where if you bought 2 bras you get 2 free and that includes girdles and other intimates.  And that day that I went shopping online, if you bought $100 then you got $25 off which was perfect for me.  But overall I had a great Christmas and New Years with family and friends.  Thanks for listening and God Bless

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