Friday, January 14, 2011

A Quick Question

So again I'm sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately but I'm going to start doing it every day.  But today I just wanted to ask a quick question.  Do you let your family/friends read your blog? 

I ask this because the other day my husband was on the phone and I was in the same room and I realized that I had an e-mail so I checked it on my phone.  Then I saw it was a comment on my blog so I started casually reading it.  I do this all the time on my phone, but then I realized that my husband was over my shoulder trying to read the comment.  So I started walking away from him quickly and he got mad because he assumed that I was writing something inappropriate on my blog and that's why he couldn't see the comment.  I tried to explain to him the best way without hurting his feelings that my blog is the only place I can write without him or anyone else who knows me judging me.  And that I felt that I could truly be myself on here.  So of course he took it the wrong way and was like, "so you can't be yourself around me?" and I was like, "no it's not that, it's just that I write pretty much every thought down like a journal and I may not tell you every thought that comes to my mind".  Then I tried to explain that a lot of women have journals, diaries, etc...that they write in and never share with anyone else.  So after he calmed down and after I ended up reading aloud to him the comment he let it go.  But my thing is when I finish writing and reading other blogs, I log off and no one sees it.  Now I have let my mom read selected blogs that I thought were funny but didn't make her look bad but I feel that I should be able to control who reads what on my blog.  Now I know it sounds crazy seeing that I'm sharing it with the world but you guys don't really know who I am, not really.  But I do keep it real and what I write is who I am. 

Anyway that's my opinion on the whole blog privacy thing.  What do you all think?  Thank you for listening and God Bless.


  1. I actually introduce my family and some select friends to my blog, but I have a policy that they cannot discuss any of the content on my blog with me unless I mention it first. I do this because some of the content on my blog could be uncomfortable to discuss in person, but I think it's an important way for them to be able to understand me better. Anyone I know that googles my name will of course come across it as well, but I'm alright with that as long as they follow the same policy.

  2. No, I do not let them read my blog, they don't even know, because at some point my hubby would want to read.
    The fact is I am not doing anything wrong I feel I need to hide, but I am afraid it would influence my writing because I would feel the need to always think, Oh, what would he think if he read that. How would that make him feel, would he understand?

    I don't feel I can be true to myself in my writing if they are reading. Now, I am on a particular journey that is really hard for me, my husband knows the basics of the story, but does NOT know most of the details. He cannot seem to handle it, I have tried to open up to him, to try and talk, but he gets so angry because I was hurt, etc... that i end up consoling him.

    So this is my secret, this is my journey, and I feel it is my right to take my own path.

    Keep doing what you are doing girl. We all deserve a bit of privacy and to get solace somewhere !

  3. I originally kept my blog completely anonymous and private. No sharing with anyone I knew personally. Now, I share my blog with anyone who wants to read it, with a warning that they are fictional stories, observations, uncensored thoughts, etc. I do wish I could block certain posts from my family and friends but I'm dealing with the fact that I can't. so, Read at Your Own Risk.

  4. Hey girl, Ok, it has been 14 days!! I am waiting on another blog from you. By the way have you come to my neck of the woods to shop at Tanger outlets yet?

    I made my first and only appearance there 2 weekends ago. I was NOT going anywhere near there at christmas. Wow, has that screwed up our traffic on that road. And is the main road most folks use to get to the highway.

    They really needed to have dealt with the infrastructure issues when they built it.

  5. Yeah sorry I haven't been online in a while but I started my ebay business back up full time and it's been wearing me out. Plus I had a super bowl party and a lot of other functions that have taken my time away. I'm going to try to start blogging again every day.