Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Back Again.......

So I've been away for way too long but there are a number of factors that contributed to my blogger absence.  One, I've started doing my ebay business full time and that has taken a lot of time.  Two, I had a Superbowl party, my dad and step mom came by to see the new TV we got, and other social events that required me to clean like a madwoman and be way to tired to blog.  Plus I still don't have a job and am a little depressed about that.

But anyway the Superbowl party went great.  We had  a few friends over and had some pizza, wings, and cake so it was cool.  And like I said before, we got a new TV!  This one is a 47 inch LG HDTV and I love it.  I usually don't let my husband make electronic purchases without me but I was sick and he went to HHGreg and picked this one out.  It is so clear, especially on Blu Rays.  So we now have 2 big screen TVs.  So our den is like a game room and our living room is like a movie room. 

So today, I went shopping with my mom.  My intention was to get more inventory for my ebay business but that didn't happen.  Back in the day, I used to be able to go to the Salvation Army Thrift store in Greensboro and get a huge bag full of clothes for 5 dollars but now they've stopped that.  Probably because of the economy.  So because of that, it's way more expensive for me to get inventory for my business.  So today I went to High Point to their Salvation army store because they usually have good deals but they had raised their prices so I decided just to shop for myself and not the business.  I ended up getting a muffin pan and a big mixing bowl there.  Then we went to the Goodwill in High Point and I got one of those manual choppers for onions and other veggies.  Then we ate at Mi Pueblo in High Point with my husband.  Then we went to the Goodwill on west Wendover and I got, you guessed it, a rubber ducky, and one of those elevated dog dishes.  You know the ones that have legs so that your dogs neck doesn't get hurt by them leaning down to eat.  I also got a hummingbird feeder for the spring.

So I sell mostly clothes, shoes, and accessories for my business and you're probably thinking that salvation army prices aren't a lot for clothing but the thing is that I want to really increase the number of items I have in my store quickly so I can start bringing in some revenue.  The great thing is that on the first day, I listed 11 items and I sold 3 the next day.  Then the next day I listed another 11 items and I sold another 2 and so on.  So I've been doing pretty good and I sell them for around $14.99 each.  So my goal is get these items for a cheap as possible and then sell them at a huge profit.  So I don't want to have to pay more than a dollar for clothes and 2 dollars for shoes.  It sounds cheap but with all the fees that ebay charges to list the item and then sell it, that's the only way I can make a real profit.  So I came to the conclusion that the best way to go is yard sales because people are desperate at yard sales.  I like to play the "What do you want for all of them" game.  What that is is that you see someone who wants to sell a piece of clothing for $2 each and you see they have 50 pieces of clothing all in good condition so you ask them" what do you want for all of them?" and they get overexcited because the idea of getting all that junk out of their house is more tempting than getting full price for everything they're selling.  So then they say something stupid like "I don't know, $20" and I'm like Cha Ching because I just got clothing for less than 50 cents a piece.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I also sell books on and one time I went to this flea market and they had these children's books that weren't even in the greatest condition and some had $1 and some had $2 on them and there were probably at least 30 of them so I played my game and asked the question and their response was, "well some of them are 1 dollar and some 2" and I was like thank you and left.  So sometimes people just won't budge but most do.  So on Saturday, I plan to go to yard sales but last Saturday that was my plan as well and I ended up with a flat tire.  Thank God I felt it as soon as I backed out of my driveway.  But needless to say, I didn't make it to yard sales that day.  But this Saturday, I will make it to yard sales.

So if you've read my past blogs you know that my landlord is a douche bag and doesn't fix anything and that we had to call the city on him.  Well GUESS WHAT?!  It's gotten worse.  How about we got a letter from the bank that owns the house saying that he hasn't paid the mortgage on the house and that we have to pay rent to the bank from now on.  WTF?!!!!  So not only has this guy not fixed anything, broken the city code by renting a property out that hasn't been inspected, but now he's defaulted on his loan to the bank for this property.  So I used to work at a bank in their mortgage department so I know how to read a note, deed of trust, etc...  So they included a copy of the deed of trust for us to read.  How about, the bank only has to give us a 10 day notice before selling the property.  So they could come here and be like, Oh you only have 10 days to move.  Again WTF?!  Also this isn't just our property, it's 5 other properties that he's defaulted on.  But does this guy care?  Nope, he's too busy buying more properties in Greensboro to sell.  So we had already received a letter from the city telling us that because he hadn't made the repairs yet that the property is considered unihabitable and if they don't fix it by Feb 7th that there would be more fines from the city for the landlord.  Well guess what people?!  It's Feb 8th and nothing still hasn't been fixed.  So we came to the conclusion that we're not paying ANYONE THE DAMN RENT!  Why are we gonna pay the bank the rent when they can come and sell the house right under us.  Why are we going to pay the landlord if the house is condemned?  So my husband told the bank that we weren't paying and why and they completly understood.  Because think about it.  We pay them the rent and then if we have to move, we're not going to get any of that money back and we would need it for a security deposit for another place.  So we ain't paying.  LOL So needless to say, I'm going to do some house hunting tomorrow and look for another place to live.  Drama Drama Drama

So on anther note, I've decided to get my life back in order.  I decided to do my ebay business full time again so I could bring some money into the household and I've aggresively been looking for a job.  Now in a perfect world, I would bring in enough money from ebay to not have to work but right now that ain't happening until I get more inventory.  Also I'm determined to go back to school in the summer at GTCC because I should be able to get financial aid again and I need to have a plan for my life.  My dad and I had a conversation the other day that opened my eyes.  He was very nice about it but basically told me I should be productive in my life and I feel him on that.  Now don't get me wrong, I feel like I'm already productive because this ebay thing is no joke.  I mean it's a one woman business.  I'm the owner, manager, stocker, cashier, bookeeper, and major stockholder for all of it.  LOL  So when a normal person goes to work, it's like they do one job and that's it, but I handle everything.  I mean I put in a lot of hours for this because when I have kids, I don't know if I want to pop them out and then 8 weeks later, hand them to some babysitter for 8 hours a day.  I know a lot of women do it but if I can find a way to make this business work, I won't have to.

So after I got home from shopping today, my husband and I watched the movie "For Colored Girls" and it was soooooooooo good.  I mean Tyler Perry outdid himself on this one and the actresses were outstanding.  I think everyone should see it, white black, Indian, Hispanic, everyone.  LOL  Anyway that was my day and my rants and raves about life.  I might start a seperate blog about my dreams because I've always had very complex dreams and I might just start sharing them.  Look out for it.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.


  1. Omg! I've been dying to see that movie for the longest, but every time I try to rent it IT'S GONE! And I don't wanna ruin the experience by getting a bootleg copy!

  2. Hope your business goes well. I would love to be able to work from home so I could spend more time doing things with my girls.

    I love Ebay though. I bought my 4-runner off of ebay, hell I bought my house at auction. it is def. the best way to go