Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Informative and Productive Day

So today I decided to call around get some information on some rental properties because we most likely will have to move soon thanks to our loser of a landlord.  So whenever I call these various landlords, property management groups, etc.., I always run into the same problem - My Pets.  So it's not like we have 2 cats and that's it.  We have 4 cats inside, 2 outside, 2 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs but of course we only tell the landlords that we have 4 cats and 2 dogs because those are the ones that will have contact with the house.  So some people are flexible about the pet policy and others are just ridiculous.  Now this is the thing, If you don't want me living there because of my animals then just say so.  I have no problem with hanging up and going to the next property for rent.  It won't hurt my feelings but when people treat me with no respect and take me for a fool then that pisses me off. 

What I mean by that (i.e) Today the first person I talked to said that it's $250 for each pet so I politely told them how many pets I had and if it would be $250 times 6 because of my animals and they said most likely, but they would have to call me back tomorrow with a final answer.  Now do they really expect me to pay
$1500 for a pet deposit?!  No they just don't want that many pets in their home which is completely understandable.  But again don't play me for a fool.  Then I called another property management place and an elderly woman answered and asked if I had seen the property yet and I told her no, but that I had some questions about the pet policy.  So she asked how many I had and I told her and I proceeded to ask about the deposit and she just cut me off and was like "TOO MANY, TOO MANY" and I was like, "Oh OK is that for all of your properties or for just this one?" and she cut me off again and was like "ALL OF THEM, ALL OF THEM" yelling at me like I was some house nigga.  So I was like OK have a nice day.  But that stuff discourages me when I can't get respect.  So then I call another listing which was a little vague.  It only listed the rent price, bedrooms, and the city but I called anyway.  So I knew that something was off when the person on the line had to ask me to describe the listing on craigslist.  Long story short, it was a rental agency that charged $69.99 just to get a list of rental properties in Greensboro.  WTF?!  Have they lost their minds?  In this economy it's hard enough to get enough money to move in the first place.  So after that I called another landlord and he was very nice.

When I told him about the animals he kindly told me he'd have to ask the owner of the house about how much it would be and I briefly told him about my situation with my landlord not paying the mortgage on the house that we currently rent.  He told me I should get a real estate lawyer and that I should not pay anyone any rent until I do so.  According to him, under NC State law, they can't make us move for a long time.  So I called a lawyer and got some free advice over the phone.  He told me that there is a federal law that protects those people who are renting and their house gets foreclosed on.  So with that law, we could actually get 3 months past our lease to still live here and save up for moving.  On the other hand there is a similar state law that makes it so that we could break our lease and move and not pay rent because the house we're paying for is going into foreclosure.  Then I told him about the whole city considering this property uninhabitable and he said that I could literally use the federal law which also requires the house to be habitable and not pay the bank because of that.  But basically he suggested not paying anything and then staying here until April which is the end of our lease.  But get this!  So he asked me who my landlord was and I told him the first name and then the company name.  How about he knew who I was talking about and said that he is "becoming infamous in doing these things".  Basically saying that I'm not the first person that has been royally screwed by this guy.  So that tells me there's probably not a chance that he's going to start making payments on this property again and we most likely will have to move in April.  So we may end up hiring this lawyer but first my husband is going to call the bank, our landlord, and the city inspector tomorrow to see where we stand.

So after I finished calling around, I decided to apply to a bunch of jobs.  I've worked in call centers before and even though I hate them, they are sometimes easy to get hired on to because they always need people.  So I applied to a few of those and any other customer service jobs I could find.  Then I started doing laundry.  Now today's laundry was something else!  What happened was, a few weeks ago I got sick, real sick, but the only symptom I had was a fever.  My theory is that because I got the flu shot, my body fought off the full flu virus and only left me with a fever.  But you know how horrible you feel when you have a fever.  I had no energy, my arms, legs, and head felt like they weighed a ton, and I just slept all day.  So between sweating out the fever over and over again, I went through like 10 blankets.  Well that's all the blankets I have.  Then shortly after I got better, I decided to do my ebay business full time which took all my time.  Plus we had social functions here at the house so I was only focused on getting the main rooms clean.  Then when we got the big screen TV, we had to put the boxes from that and the surround sound somewhere hidden from our company so we put them in our bedroom.  Plus we had to find a place for our other smaller TV and that went in the bedroom as well.  So with all this going on, piles and piles of laundry were piling up on top of TVs, boxes, you name it.  So today when I went to do the laundry it was an athletic event.  But I'm still doing it now and will probably do it tomorrow all day too.  I will never let it get this way again.

So after I started the laundry, my husband and I watched the Duke and Carolina game.  GO TARHEELS! But Duke won so that sucked.  Then we watched some Law and Order SVU, The Cape, and I FINALLY watched the finale for Amazing Race.  Now I'm catching up on today's episode of The Talk.  But on another note, the other day, I saw the movie "The Color Purple" FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER and I loved it.  I mean what a wonderful movie.  It got me to do my ugly cry at the end but what a masterpiece.  Anyway that was my day in a nutshell.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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  1. Dayum! Those deposits sound freaking ridiculous! I would just lie about how many I have and pay as least as possible! They'll never know!