Monday, February 14, 2011

A Great Night Watching the Grammy's

So I woke up today around 1 pm, I guess because I was making up for the sleep I didn't get yesterday and I decided to do some dishes and watch the Celtics and Heat game.  Well yet again the Celtics won over them.  GO CELTICS!!!  Then my husband and I ate some lunch and continued to clean.  Then once 8 hit, I watched the Grammy's.  I though the performances were great for the most part but I am mad that Suburban band won album of the year.  I mean their performances were just weird.  But I am glad that Lady Antebellum won 2 Grammy's. 

But as for the dressing, I thought Rhianna's dress was beautiful and Barbra Streisand was gorgeous.  And even though Lady Gaga looked atrocious as usual, I'm proud of her for having her own style.  But my question is what was Niki Minaj wearing?  It looked like her hair was attached to her hat and she had way too much leopard print on.  Also Marc Anthony looked drunk and that football player that came out from the Packers looked like he was going to the grocery store, not the Grammy's.  I thought that Rhianna's performance was sexy as ever and I know a lot of people are hating sayin that it was slutty but my thing is, if you have it then flaunt it and that girl knows how to work it.  I thought Eminem's performance was good but I think he always sounds so angry when he raps.  Bruno Mars performance was great especially when it was black and white and he did a retro version of his hit "grenade". 

I would write more about them but honestly I'm so tired I can hardly stay awake and plus tomorrow is Valentine's day and I don't' want to sleep the whole day away while my husband is here.  But those are a few of my thoughts on the Grammy's.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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