Friday, February 11, 2011

Great Day With My Mom and Husband

So this morning, my husband woke me up and suggested that later we go to this restaurant called "PF Changs" in Greensboro.  Now this restaurant is basically an upscale Chinese restaurant and the prices won't kill you but it ain't no Chinese take out special prices either.  But their food is wonderful.  So anyway he said he'd be home around 4 and we could go then.  So I was really surprised that he wanted to go there on a whim like that but I wasn't complaining.  So when he got home, he asked me if I wanted to invite my mom to come with us and I reminded him of the prices and the fact that he would probably have to pay for her but he was fine with that.  So of course my mom wanted to come with us.  So we picked her up around 5 and went to the restaurant and the food was delicious as usual.  Their food is not heavy or processed and the service is phenomenal.  I believe it's a national chain so hopefully all of you reading can find one in your areas as well.  So after we left, we went to radio shack to pick up an audio video cable for my mom and then we went to my mom's house and helped her with her TV.

Now my husband saw today first hand why my mom and I can't live together.  So we had already agreed in radio shack that I would hook everything up for her TV and DVD player and make it easier for her to switch between cable, DVD, and VHS.  But when we got to the house, she proceeded to hook it up herself and I was like "Now are you sure you're hooking it up right" and she was like "yeah".  So then I offered to just hook it up for her and set it up on the remote and she just ignored me because she was so determined to do it herself.  So she's behind this huge TV and hooking the wires up to God knows where and I had the remote, ready to program away.  Well I'm not lying when I say after only 3 seconds of me trying to program the remote, she comes over to me and starts pressing random buttons.  So I'm like "stop it, let me think for a second so I can program this".  So then maybe another 30 seconds later she starts heading to the back of the TV ready to start playing the "guess where the wire goes game" and I stopped her and said, "wait a second mom, I'm still trying to figure out how to program the remote".  So she waits maybe another 5 seconds and proceeds to start pulling wires out and placing them in random jacks in the back of the TV.  When I realized that she wasn't going to let me do the wiring, I tried to walk her through it by asking her if the wires were going in the input or output and she just ignored me again.  So long story short, we ended up yelling at each other like schoolgirls having a fight on the playground and she said she was going to call me when she had it figured out.  The whole point of the hooking up of her TV is so that she can switch between her cable, DVD, and VHS without having to get up and physically move the wires in the back of the TV.  I mean it's not rocket science people but she was determined to not let me help.  This is why we can't live together.  It's ridiculous.  Needless to say, even at 3:26 am she still has not fixed it yet so one day while I'm over there and she's in the bathroom or something, I'm going to fix it all and voilla! it'll be fixed.  But we gave her a DVD copy of the movie "The Colored Girls" and she was able to see that so that's all that matters to me right now because I think she could learn a thing or two from that movie.  LOL

Anyway after we left my mom's house, we went home and watched the Celtics Lakers game and my boys in green lost BUT Ray Allen passed Reggie Miller in career 3 pointers.  So he now holds the record for the most 3 pointers in a career.  GO BOSTON!  Then we watched the Young and the Restless together.  That's right, TOGETHER.  My husband no longer allows me to watch the soaps alone because he is now addicted to them.  I also watch the Bold and the Beautiful but he's not into that. 

On another note, I received a call from one landlord saying that they wouldn't allow as many pets as I have and another landlord called and asked me if my dogs were inside or outside and they said they would get back with me on whether the owner would allow that.  I'm thinking that Thundercat's suggestion might be one to take because it's to the point where people won't even rent to us.  I mean the truth is that I feel like I'm cleaner than most people who have pets just because I'm so paranoid that someone is going to just pop by one day.  Whether it's the police looking for someone (and yes that has happened to me before) or my landlord to "check in" or family, friends, etc...  So not only do I keep my home neat but I go the extra step to make sure that if you didn't know I had animals, you wouldn't be able to tell when you walk in.  My brother in law came in one day to deliver some furniture and he said "I can't believe you have animals, it's so clean in here" and that made my year.  My friend's wife came in and said "you keep your house immaculate" and that also made my year.  So I know that I can say all of this to these landlords and it won't mean anything to them because they don't know me or trust me but they really have nothing to worry about when it comes to my animals. 

I applied to a few jobs today and haven't heard anything back yet but I am going to call a few people tomorrow just to check on my application status.  Well that was my day.  Thank you for listening and God Bless.

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