Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Day of Cleaning and The All Star Game

So today wasn't that exciting but when I got up, I started cleaning the house including the laundry, bathrooms, litter boxes, etc...  Then I took a nap and got up in time to watch the NBA All Star Game.  The game was cool but I did want the East to win just because of the simple fact that 4 of my boys in green from the Celtics were on the team.  Also the coach of the East team just so happened to be Doc Rivers, the coach of the Celtics so that was awesome too.  But the west won so that sucks. 

But tomorrow I'm going to see this house that I know is in a good neighborhood and has everything that we need in our price range.  So I'm excited about that.  Also I have my second phone interview with Deluxe tomorrow so wish me luck.  But that was pretty much my day.  I think I'm going to head to bed early tonight because I'm just tired.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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