Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Got the House!!!

So today I woke up around 8 am because I had an interview at 10:30 but I was really thinking about if we got approved to rent this home in the country.  If you read my last blog post, you know that we were supposed to find out yesterday but the office was backed up and we had to wait until today.  So I was so anxious and worried that they would call and say we didn't get it.  So before the interview, I called them and they didn't answer.  Then after the interview, I called again and they said they had just started working on it.  Then I talked to my mom and she said to calm down and if it's not meant to be then I'll find something better.  So I took her advice and calmed down and waited patiently for them to call me back.  So around 2 pm, the girl who's been working with me called me and told me that we didn't necessarily pass the credit check but that she was going to go over some things with the owner and see if we could still live there.  I then started explaining to her the things that were on my credit report and my husband's that were questionable and that cleared a lot of things up for her.  I even went as far as to say "I've eaten oodles of noodles and hot dogs for a week so that I could pay my rent in the past" because I wanted her to know that paying my rent is my #1 priority.  So, after explaining everything to her she said she would still have to talk to the owner of the house and see if everything was ok but she said she didn't think there would be a problem.  So about 40 minutes later, I got a call from her and she said we're going to go ahead and approve you.  I was ecstatic and so overjoyed.  So then she said that it would be better for the owner if we could move closer to the 1st of March because originally we were going to move on the 15th of March.  So we did some number crunching and we're going to move on the 4th which is the Friday after the 1st.  So next Friday, we'll be moving to our new place! I'm so excited about it and we already called all of the utility places to let them know to transfer service but the cool thing is that out there we have well water so we don't have to pay for water.  We also have oil heat so we don't have to pay Piedmont natural gas but we do have to pay for oil.  And we'll have to get a company to pick our trash up but I'm cool with that.  I'm just so happy, I can hardly contain myself!

Anyway we were doing some research on the best way to get there from our current house and we realized that even though it's in the country, it's actually very close to a main road in Greensboro and close to Wal Mart and other places so it's not in the middle of no where.  It's just a perfect situation.  So we talked to my mom's friend and he's still a go on building the fence but he has to see the property first to give me an estimate.  So I know it sounds crazy but I'm going to start packing tomorrow.  I mean there's so many things in the house that I don't use on a day to day basis that I can go ahead and start boxing up.  Also my mom said I could store all my Christmas decorations at her house so we don't have to move them.  So everything is working out.  I just thank God and thank all of you who prayed for me.

On another note, the interview today went great.  It was actually at a temp agency in Greensboro and it was originally for an outbound call center job which usually I don't go for because you have to call people and try to sell them stuff and they hang up on you all day.  But when I got there, I had great chemistry with the interviewer and she said she was going to submit my resume to 5 jobs!  The outbound call center actually is for a non profit well known organization so I'd be asking for charity which is fine with me.  So wish me luck on my job search cause God knows with all these moving expenses I'll need it.  I haven't heard back from Deluxe yet and the girl who "cancelled" the interview because of an "emergency" never called back to reschedule.  My thing is, please look over the resume before calling someone for an interview because if I end up being not qualified or what you're looking for, don't waste my time. 

Anyway, after I got home and called all the companies to change service and told everyone about the move, we went to this restaurant in Greensboro called Kick Back Jacks.  Now the only way I can describe it is it's like a sports bar but a large one with better food.  But I didn't really have a good experience there.  We got there and the parking lot was packed full.  Now we're thinking, "it's a Tuesday night, why is the parking lot full?"  Then we see a limo taking up 7 spaces, a Nascar Race Car in front of the restaurant and a radio station van there as well.  So when we walked in, we had to wait a little to be seated and then we ordered and got out food but there were so many people there, it was extremely loud and uncomfortable.  Sometimes you just want  a nice mid week meal with your husband and this wasn't it.  So then I got the food and the cheese fries were good but a little dry.  Then I got the steak and cheese but the bread was hard and way too over buttered.  I know this because I used to work at a restaurant and before we put a bun on a burger, we would butter the inside of the bun for flavor but this bun was super buttered.  LOL  Then I lost my appetite very quickly which is odd for me especially when I'm eating something I usually order.  So my husband and I both ended up leaving soon after with 3 take out boxes because we just weren't comfortable.  Then after I got home, before I took my nap, I was talking to my husband and I started feeling nauseous and I knew it was that food.  I mean I really had to lay down for a while and breathe slowly to get over this.  So then I took a nap before watching the Celtics game which they won and my stomach felt better but as soon as I smelled the take out boxes, I started feeling bad again and I just ate some soup.  So I'm not going back there.  I'm not saying they're a horrible restaurant or that their food is horrible but I am saying that it doesn't agree with my stomach.

So after we left there, we went to my mom's house because my husband had to give a phone to my mom's friend (the one who is helping us with the fence) and I showed them pictures of the house  and showed my mom my new purse and hung out for a little.  Then we went home and that's pretty much my day.  Anyway thank you again for your prayers and God Bless.

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  1. Over-butterring your buns is a recipe for disaster ;D. I'm glad things are moving in your favor. I will pray for some job prospects to come in for you. My Hubby has been job hunting for almost a year now so I know what it's like.