Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Crazy Few Days

So I haven't written since Monday night but since then on Tuesday I had an interview with United Health Care in Greensboro and keep in mind that about 2 months ago I went in to United Health Care and did some testing and before I even got to my car, they had already sent me a rejection e-mail.  So I was excited to hear that they wanted to test me again.  So I went in there again on Tuesday and they did their little job description speech and so on and then it came time for me to test.  So I hit the button to take the test again and it says "You've already completed the test, there's no need to take it again, talk to your system administrator".  So I'm like WTF!  Because I KNOW the reason I didn't get the job before was because of the stupid personality test that they gave me before and so if they're going to use the same test results then obviously I'm not going to get the job.  So after I showed the representative the message her tone changed and she was like "Oh well, that means you can get out of here quicker than everyone else because you don't have to take the test again" because there were about 4 other people in the room.  Then she said "I have to find your file, you'll hear back from us within 48 hours"  Well I knew then that I didn't get the job because that's what the other lady said to me.  So of course by the time I walked to my car, they had sent me another rejection e-mail.  So this is my question people.  WHY THE F*** DID THEY MAKE ME DRIVE ALL THE WAY THERE JUST TO NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE THE TEST, JUST TO WASTE MY TIME?  IDK Who cares.  I just know I'm NEVER applying there again, EVER!

OK, so on another note, if you read my blog last week you know that I had another interview today with a medical center in High Point.  So first what happened was on Tuesday, the interviewer called me and told me that she had to change the interview location to another place in High Point so I wrote down the directions and told her I'd be there on Thursday as planned.  The interview was today at 9 am and guess what she did?  She called me at 8 am to tell me that she had an emergency and had to call me back to reschedule the interview.  So at this point, I'm already showered, in the process of pulling my girdle over my problem areas, and ready to head out the door.  So I asked her in a calm tone, "When do you think it will be rescheduled for?" and she was like, "Either later today or tomorrow morning".  So I'm thinking, she's going to call me back within the hour to set something up.  NOPE  It is now 1:44 am and she has not called me back.  So I think something fishy is going on.  First she changes the location of the interview, then an hour before the interview is supposed to take place, she cancels and can't give me a new interview time.  Either she has already found her candidate and she doesn't want to bother with me or maybe they don't need to hire anyone.  Who knows.  For all of you reading, tell me what you think.  Do you think she's lying and hopes that I just don't call back and forget about the job or do you think it's all a coincidence?

But something good did happen today.  I got a call from this call center called Deluxe in Greensboro and I had an over the phone interview and apparently he liked my answers because I have another phone interview on Monday.  I'm hoping that goes well because God knows I need a job.  Also backing up a day on Wednesday, my husband and I went to look at this house because we are still planning to move and strangely enough it was literally down the street.  I'm talking about a minute walk, down the street.  LOL  And when we got there, we realized that this white guy used to live there because when I used to walk the dogs, his dog would escape every now and then and he would come out cussing the dog out demanding that he return to the house.  Anyway, to put it nicely, THE HOUSE WAS A MESS!  Basically we walk in and without warning the place had not yet been cleaned, painted, heck half the guys stuff was still there, including his huge dog cage that took up one of the rooms.  Now just to give you an idea of what we're used to.  We live in a 1700 sq ft house with 3 bedrooms, a bath and a half, a den, a living room, a sun room (aka the dog room) and a laundry room/supply closet.  So this house isn't that bad.  But the house we saw had 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a living room.  I'm not joking when I say this house was literally half the size of our house now and she was trying to charge $25 more in rent than what we're paying.  There were hardwoods throughout the house but 3 of the bedrooms were small and the 4th barely was big enough to be an office.  Then the kitchen was tiny and you had to put your washer and dryer in there.  Then we go to look at the "master bathroom" attached to the bedroom and it had dookie stains in it and apparently the previous tenant took the shower head because there was just a pipe sticking out of the wall.  First of all the realtor should not have shown us the house until it was cleaned, painted, and repaired.  Second they need to lower than rent to around $650 because I stayed in a house that was larger than that for $550 for 3 years.  Third, I have found that I am now going to ask how many sq ft there are in a property before viewing it along with their pet policy, and if the yard has a fence.  These 3 things are very important in determining if we're going to live somewhere.  So needless to say, we didn't contact that company again.

So then, I guess after the disappointment of that house, we decided to drive around the park that I walk my dogs in and see if any of those homes are for rent and we found a few.  There was one that actually was 2 doors down from one of our good friends house and I called and left a message at the number that was posted on the for rent sign.  Then I called and called and called and they didn't answer.  The reason we wanted to find out about that house is because it looked large on the outside, had a fully fenced in yard, and is close to our friend who happens to be a black belt so added protection there.  LOL  They still haven't called back though.  Then we called a few others but they haven't called us back.  But we do have an appointment to go look at a house in a country setting tomorrow so I'm hoping this one will be great.  I'm so excited.  I mean moving totally sucks but after everything is moved and in it's place, especially if you're upgrading to a nice home, it's all worth it.

But today after my interviewer "cancelled" the interview, I went back to sleep because I didn't know whether she was going to call me and tell me to come in an hour or what.  But like I said she still hasn't called me.  But after I woke up, I did some cleaning around the house and then watched Y & R with my husband and then some Law and Order and then some Private Practice.  Private Practice was very sad.  I looked over and my husband was crying for God's sake!  Anyway that was my last few days and I promise to write every day because it's hard trying to remember all this crap that goes on in my life.  LOL  Thanks for listening and God Bless.


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! Good luck on the job hunt. Things are rough in our area. My mom has been looking for a year. Granted her skills are very limited, but she has a great reference from her last boss, she ws there a long time and completely ended up running everything for him.

    My brother does labor, and he has not been able to find anything either. It is hard.

    You are right about moving, it is a lot of work but worth it in the end if you are upgrading. I hope you find your dream place. We live in Alamance county as I told you, and we bought our house at auction. We all lived together on the family farm, everyone had built their own homes, except my hubby. He wanted to move out young, so he bought a mobile home, now it was new, but still it was a mobile home, so when we married, I moved in there and i had been living in a really nice big house in downtown mebane, so I told him this will only work a couple of years. Anyway, we found a house, but were sad to be leaving the homestead, where the kids could all walk from house to house and play, we had our horses there, and a great dirt bike track had been built for the kids to practice.
    A nice 3 acre pond, fully stocked for us all to fish, the kids loved it. And of course, grandma and papa being out there was their favorite.

    as luck would have it, our new house was only 1 1/2 miles down the road! This made it easier on the kids. The property also had a nice big shop built on it, so the family now uses it for the business, so they were able to free up the money they were using from the building they leased. The kids love that as well because it means papa is on the property everday so they go and see him before school each morning, and stop by after school each day.

    All in all it worked out well

  2. Yeah that sounds great about living in the country. That's actually my dream is to have a home in the country with a farm and animals, the whole bit. I mean today I saw a great house which I will write in my blog about but in short it was in the country and across the street from a farm with horses and it was in the city limits. What more could a girl ask for? Anyway my second interview with Deluxe is Monday so wish me luck. Thank for reading and God Bless.