Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Have an Interview!

So today I finally finished the laundry around my house.  If you read in other blogs, I got really behind because I was sick and other reasons.  So today I finished all the clothes, blankets, sheets, and even got around to washing my doggy blankets.  LOL  So I'm happy about that.  So today I was woken up by a doorbell and I didn't know who it could be.  I thought maybe it was the mail woman delivering my purse that  I ordered from ebay but unfortunately it wasn't.  It's coming from Thailand so it could take a while.  But the person at the door was the city inspector.  So my husband gave him the documents that we received from the bank stating that our landlord had defaulted on his loan.  So the inspector then went to his car and called the landlord to see what was going on because the city already is charging this man fees for not fixing our property and the house as already been deemed uninhabitable.  So then the city inspector came back and said that when he called the landlord that the landlord said that the bank was starting foreclosure proceedings on the house.  So what that means is that the city has to now ask the bank to fix everything in the house but that also means that the whole process of requesting everything to be done and the deadlines, etc.. has started over.  So after the city inspector heard this, he told my husband that the landlord obviously isn't going to fix anything because the bank now owns the property.  You would think the landlord would have the decency to tell us that the house is being foreclosed on but no.  So we definately are still looking for another place to live.

So then after I got more rest, I woke up and started finishing the laundry and originally I was going to go shopping but then after I talked to my mom about some things that we didn't agree on, I just didn't feel like being around her.  Being a Christian, sometimes the Lord just gives you feelings or vibes about someone or something.  And after our convo, I just felt like today just wasn't the day to go shopping with her.  Plus I wasn't feeling all that great.  So when I casually told her that Saturday would be a better day to go, she freaked out and was saying that I messed her whole day up because she had plans to rake the yard on Saturday and that she was prepared to go out today.  Now keep in mind that in years past, my mom has cancelled for a number of reasons or rescheduled.  Sometimes the reasons are legitimate like her being sick or having to go and do something else unexpectedly but sometimes she'll just be like, "Oh let's just go tomorrow" and not give a reason at all and I'm cool with that.  I'm not working now so the sky's the limit on when I can go shopping.  But she's on the phone telling me that "when you have kids, you can't just tell them that you can't go somewhere you planned to go just because you have to do laundry or something else" and I'm thinking, my mom isn't my child.  It's ridiculous that she would even make that analogy because when I do have my children, I'm going to be a great mom who never abuses my children, treats them with respect, and let's them know that whatever they want to be or do in life, it's fine with me.  I'm not going to be like her and I HATE IT when she tries to say, I'm going to parent like her.  First, I'm not crazy like her.  I might be a little crazy in the things I like and how I act but I'm not psycho like her.  Second, if I discipline my children, it may be a time out or a light spanking, but not abuse like her.  Third, there are just a lot of things that we disagree on in terms of ideals and her way of thinking is so different than mine on so many levels.  Anyway after our convo, I just decided that it was best to not hang out with her today.  So tomorrow we're going to yard sales so I can get some inventory for my business.

On another note, around 3 pm, I got a call from a medical center in High Point, NC and they set up an interview next Thursday but I don't even know what it is.  I mean I've applied to so many jobs, I have no clue but I do know that I mostly apply to customer service and clerical positions so it should be something along those lines.  I'm just glad to get a call back from someone I applied with.  So my husband went out with his friends to see a movie around 4:30 and I stayed here and tried to seriously watch and delete a bunch of stuff off of my DVR.  Somehow between me starting my business back up and being sick, I accumulated over 10 episodes of Dr. Phil, 7 of Oprah, and all the episodes of Live to Dance and American Idol.  So today I watched 9 episodes of Dr, Phil.  LOL 

In case you're wondering, our dogs are doing great.  There was a little mishap where they escaped about 2 weeks ago and kept escaping and almost got hit by a car and were aggressively barking at the neighbors and we had to keep them on their chains until we could seriously do some plugging up of holes.  But when my husband was free, we both went out there and moved some things around and it hasn't been a problem since.  At this point, instead of them coming in the house every now and then and then being out most of the day, it's the opposite.  They actually prefer to be in the house sleep most of the day and night and to go out only to use the bathroom.  Now I know you're thinking, "that's what most inside dogs do", but mine weren't like that before.  They were wild, energetic, crazy dogs that just wanted to go out and escape and get into trouble and now they just want to chill.  I mean before my husband and I couldn't go in the back of the house because we thought they would go in the kitchen and try to get food or climb on the new furniture but they don't do that.  They are doing great.  But that was pretty much my day in a nutshell.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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