Friday, February 18, 2011

What a Beautiful Home!

So today we had an appointment to see this home in the country.  It was actually off of the Youngs Mill Rd. exit in Greensboro.  So the appointment was at 3 and my husband and I met there because he had a meeting at work before then and I was just at the house but we both made it there on time.  So we get there and the house has gorgeous hardwood floors throughout and has 3 bedrooms a bath and a half, a living room, dining room, a front porch, a side yard, a fireplace and a gorgeous kitchen.  So we walk through it and the only thing is that there isn't a fence around the house but the owner said that we could build one if we wanted to.  So what happened was the person that was supposed to show us the house was sick so she sent her husband to show us the house and while we were leaving I realized that across the street from the house was a farm with horses on it!  So if we lived here, I could look at horses all day.  It might not seem like a big deal to some of you reading but that is my dream.  I want to actually live on a farm one day and this is the next best thing.  Plus this house is still in Greensboro's city limits so we still get the trash pick up, the city water, and anything else that city residents get but still have a country feeling. 

So after we left there my husband and I discussed the house and I was so into it, I just kept going on and on about how we should put an application in but he wanted to slow down and look at some other houses.  My thing is, I'm tired of living in the hood.  NO JOKE.  I mean not to sound racist or anything, but I would like a mixture of cultures around me.  In case you didn't already know, I'm black so don't even go there.  I mean the place we're at now is one of those neighborhoods with mostly old people but there are a few young people mixed in and every now and then I hear sub woofers blasting, people cussing, the smell of illegal substances and I'm not saying this doesn't go on in mixed neighborhoods but I know when I used to visit my white friends growing up, I didn't ever see that.  I would just love to live in the country or somewhere where it is a little more diverse.  I mean there are some nice neighborhoods that are all black but who says I want that.  I want my children to have an equal chance of meeting and befriending children of all races.  Growing up, I lived in an apartment off of west market street in Greensboro and back then it was completely mixed and some of my best friends were white.  I think that helped me not become ghetto or closed minded.  If you heard me speak over the phone, you would have no idea that I'm black.  Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with talking in slang, Ebonics, etc... but I just don't speak that way probably because my mom is from NY and my dad is from RI plus all of my friends growing up.  I've actually dated white guys who are like "you're not like other black girls, you know how to speak and carry yourself" and I'm thinking just because I talk this way doesn't make me any better than anyone else.  Also I'm not mixed.  People always assume that I'm mixed and I'm not.  I'm light skinned but not super light.  Like my husband is high yellow, which means he's really light especially on his legs.  LOL  But me, I'm more of a caramel color.  But my mom is black, my dad is black and all my grandparents are.  The only thing is that my great grandmother who died before I was born on my grandfather's side, was full native American so technically I'm 1/8 Native American but I don't consider that mixed.  LOL

Anyway before I piss anyone else off with my opinions on ghettoness and so on, we made another appointment to another house tomorrow.  This one is actually not that far from where we are now but it is large.  So wish us luck on that one.  Hopefully this one will be clean.  LOL  But for the rest of the day today, we just ate some lunch and dinner and watched Fringe, Y & R, B & B, and that's pretty much it.  Anyway that was my day.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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