Monday, February 21, 2011

Pray For Me!

So I'm sitting here now waiting for tomorrow to come anxiously because we're waiting to hear back from the house in the country to see if we are approved to get the house.  Let me back up and tell you how we made the decision to go for this house.  So this morning I was actually excited to call this company called Rent a Home of Greensboro because they had this perfect house that was in a good neighborhood that had a fenced in yard in our price range.  So I called them as soon as they opened thinking that I could go see the house today and if we liked it, we could put an application in today.  But when I called they said the first appointment to see the house was tomorrow at 5 pm and that someone had already put an application in on the house but it hadn't been approved yet.  So was like GREAT! There goes that house but I still made the appointment for tomorrow.  Then unexpectedly, the girl who worked for the company that is managing the house in the country (the one with the horses across the street), called me and wanted to follow up.  So I explained to her that I was a little hesitant about moving there because there was no fence for the dogs and also there wasn't a mudroom or sun room that we could use as a dog room.  So I figured she would just say "ok well good luck in your house search then", but she surprised me and said "I'm going to call the owner and see if we can work something out".  So then she called me back about 10 minutes later and told me the the owner suggested that we get an invisible fence and that they have no problem with us installing that or a real fence.  Also they suggested that we put the dogs in the storage unit when it's too cold during the night or hot during the day so they can get some shade if they're not in the house.  So my husband heard all of this on the phone because he was right next to me and apparently he was impressed and he said he was going to start doing some calculations.  This surprised me because I thought he didn't want to have to deal with putting a fence up and I was under the impression that he had marked this place off the list but I think when he heard how determined the owner was and also realizing that this is in a great neighborhood, he went for it.  So he started going over some numbers and I thought, "this is my one chance to change his mind or persuade him to live at this place".  So I called my grandparents and asked them for money.  Now don't think I do this all the time.  It's probably been over a year since I've asked them for money and it's always for something important, never anything stupid like a TV or game system and I consider having to move because my landlord didn't pay the mortgage on the house, important.  LOL  Anyway my grandfather agreed to send me a large sum of money to help us out and my mom had already agreed to pay for the pet deposit ($350) so after he heard that, he was sold.  So we had to fill out the application and fax it to her so that we could get things going.

Now we had to get it in by 1 pm so online it was in a PDF form which means you can't write over it but  I found a website that allows you to do that.  But after filling out a 3 page application, they said it would cost 30 bucks just to save it.  I was like SCAM and printed the application out and my husband filled it out by hand.  Then we had to include his pay stubs, and a copy of our driver's licenses.  Then we had to figure out where to fax it at and at first I thought, The library has a fax machine but when I called them they actually don't.  So then my husband called his job but the office was closed because of presidents day.  So we had to go to FedEx Kinkos and they charged us over 8 dollars to fax the pages!  Anyway they got faxed and were received.  So they told us that as long as you have the application in by 1 pm it would be processed the same day.  So we waited patently but then the girl called us and said that her boss was so backed up on applications that he would have to get to it tomorrow and we would be the first looked at tomorrow.  SO that's why I need you to pray for me because we still don't know if we've been approved to live there.  We've never gone through so much to apply to rent a property but my thinking is that the more you go through the better the property will be.  But I already believe in Jesus name that we're approved and that we will live here starting March 15th.  Also we talked to my mom's friend and he said he could install a fence for us.  We would have to pay him of course but not nearly as much as a company would charge us so everything is falling into place.

On another note, I had my interview with Deluxe today at 1, at the same time as my husband was faxing the application at Kinkos and I think it went well.  There were a lot of situational questions, more than I'm used to for a call center job, and at the end she said that if I'm chosen to move forward in the interview process that I'd be contacted within the next 48 hours.  Hopefully that's a good thing.  Who knows.  But guess what?  I had yet another interview tomorrow at 10:30 with a staffing agency for another call center.  I think this one is an outbound call center but depending on the pay, I might take this one over Deluxe if Deluxe takes their sweet time moving me forward in the interview process.  So I'm excited about my interview but at the same time I'm anxious about the house.  They said since I have to fill an application out and do some testing the process could take up to 2 hours.  So I plan on taking a bathroom break in the middle of all of that and checking to see if we got the house.  LOL  I just can't take the suspense! 

So after we rode around faxing documents, we came back home watched TV, I took a short nap, and we watched wrestling.  John Cena rapped about dissing The Rock and that was funny.  But that was pretty much my day.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

PS.  Please pray for me :)

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