Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yard Sale Day!

So I finally made it to yard sales today after getting a flat tire 2 weeks ago and having to prepare for company last week, this week I finally made it.  Anyway, my mom and I went to about 4 of them and the first one we went to was in a trailer park and nothing is wrong with that but when we got there, there was a Mexican family there and the whole family pitched in in helping us.  First there was a little boy who asked us what we were looking for and I noticed that there were 2 storage stackable units that I thought I could use to display my duckies.  So they were only $2 each and then he told me that the other smaller brass and glass corner display case was $1 but I told him I only wanted the first 2 white ones.  This little salesman was like "Why don't you take all 3?" and I thought that was so cute so I ended up taking them.  Then he helped me carry them to my car like a gentlemen and told me the clothes were 2 for a dollar.  So I start looking through the clothes and I saw they had some New Balance shoes.  I love New Balance because I have a foot condition and any podiatrist will tell you that New Balance is the best shoe for your foot.  So you won't believe what I found.  They actually had 2 pair of New Balance shoes in my size.  I wear an 11 Wide shoe so you can imagine how little times I find shoes in my size at yards sales or thrift stores.  So the shoes were $1!  So I got 2 like new looking New Balance shoes in my size for 2 BUCKS!  Then I started looking for inventory for my business and the other family members were very nice and asked me what size I was looking for and I told them any size.  I ended up getting lots of shoes, clothes, jackets etc... for $26 including the storage units I got.  But the funny thing is that I was standing there getting a lot of stuff and first the little boy asked me if I wanted this beautiful wood table but it was $40 and I said I didn't have that much and then his father came out of the trailer out of nowhere and was like "Do you want this Jacket", like he had pulled it out of his closet and I was like, "it depends on the price" and he was like, "2 bucks", so I was like yeah that's fine.  So I guess they figured that since I was buying so much stuff that I would like that too.

So then we went to another yard sale where you could tell the people were outdoor type because they had snow boards, construction equipment, etc.  But I ended up getting this cute monkey that moves around and some kitchen stuff all for $2.  Then we went to another yard sale and there was just a man there and it was pretty small but I got some hedge clippers, some cassette tapes for my business, and another air wick plug in.  But this guy was kind of weird.  You could tell that something was just up with him.  Like I asked him, "How much for the hedge clippers" and he was like, "$2" and then he would just walk away.  Then he started picking random things off of tables and holding them strangely.  My mom thought that maybe he was a vet that had some mental issues or something.  But who cares, I still got a great deal.  Then we went to an estate sale and those are sometimes sad because most likely they're held because someone has passed away and their family needs their items sold.  So I hit the jackpot with this one.  I got a large measuring glass cup, the good kind, a colorful mixing bowl, 2 JFK mini statues, some refrigerator magnets, some cute cat bowl holders, a jewelry box, and I think that's it but there were really nice things there and because we got there late in the sale, everything was half off.

So after we left the estate sale, we went to Goodwill on Cone Blvd and found out that at the end of this month they will be moving to Pisgah Church Rd where the Walgreen's is.  So it's kind of sad because we love that goodwill but it will be in a better location.  But we noticed something was up when we walked in because half of the shelves were gone in the store.  But I got a larger makeup bag for my makeup so it can all be in one central area and I got these things that are supposed to prevent your sheets from sliding off your bed so hopefully they'll work.  Then after Goodwill, we went to wal mart and then I took my mom home and came home.  Now last night I only got maybe 4 hours of sleep so when I got home tonight, I immediately went to sleep for 4 hours!  Then my husband tried to call me to ask me about dinner and I don't remember anything he said but he woke me up when he got home to tell me that he had gotten some Captain D's which I love. 

So then we watched the soaps and some Dr. Phil and then my cat, Stripes did this strange thing.  I noticed that lately he's been pawing at the kitchen floor as if he's trying to clean it or something so I told him to stop because that could indicate that he's spraying (wen a cat pees in various areas to mark their territory).  So after I told him to stop, he comes and jumps on our new couch next to me which is completely normal but then I saw that he shook his tail and I was like "I know you didn't just pee on our new couch" and he ran away.  Well I smelled it and sure enough it had a faint cat pee smell.  So I freaked out and picked him up and we put him in the cage because we can't have cats peeing on new furniture!  So we're thinking that maybe he has a urinary tract infection or something but we're going to take him to the vet.  Thank God I found it in time because after I cleaned the couch, the smell completely went away because otherwise I would have killed my cat.  So now all of the cats are in the cat room because all the litter boxes are in there and he needs to be able to eat and use the litterbox.

But anyway that was my crazy day with the yard sales, wal mart, and a hopefully not too sick cat.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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