Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Packing Packing and more Packing

So as you may have noticed I haven't been on here in a while.  That's because ever since my last announcement that we were approved to rent this beautiful home in the country, I've been preparing to move.  It's not just the packing.  It's calling all of the utility companies and getting services transferred and setting up new services because we're going to be outside the city limits.  Also showing my mom the house and getting an estimate on the fence we're going to put up eventually there.  There's just a week of non stop activities.  First I decided to only sell clothes and shoes on ebay.  I had been selling books, cd's and other media on and amazon but I decided that the space the books took up (all 800 of them) didn't make up for the little money I was making off of them.  So I boxed up over 800 books and media and donated them to Goodwill which was a huge task it itself.  Then I took everything over my mom's house that I thought she would want but I no longer wanted.  Then I've been doing shopping for things that I will need in the new house like a dry mop because the house has no carpet and all hardwoods so my vacuums will no longer be needed.  It's just been crazy.  I just finished packing up the majority of my den and a large part of my kitchen and I need more boxes.  So tomorrow I'm going to have to go back to the ABC store and get more boxes.  For those of you who don't know what the ABC store is, in NC you can't just have a liquor store on every corner.  The only place that can sell liquor is the ABC store which is run by the state.  So every day when they get their new shipments in of liquor, they put their boxes out  for anyone to pick up and use.  So then I have free moving boxes.  But this is getting ridiculous because I must have already used 50 of them.  Oh well the price of moving. 

Anyway we're officially starting to move there on Friday so at least I have some real time to pack and get things sorted before having to move.  But I am sooooo excited about moving there.  It's not in the hood, in fact it's in the country so that'll be a nice change.  Also the amount of closet space in there is tripled compared to our current house.  So Saturday is the day that we are going to rent the UHAUL and move the big furniture.  The only down part of this week is that one of my best friends is probably going to be separated from her husband.  Now keep in mind that her husband is also one of my best friends and that I met her through him but I'm totally 100% on her side when it comes to all of the problems they've had and the whole separation thing.  It's been a long time coming for them to split but now because my friends are my husband's friends, we have to figure out a way for her and her husband to help us move but somehow not run into each other.  So we're literally going to have to schedule when they're going to help us move.  How crazy is that? 

I would write more but I'm just exhausted from packing and I'm not sure when the next time I will write because once Friday gets here, it's going to on getting all of our stuff over there.  But once I'm settled in, I will write again.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.


  1. Wishing you a smooth moving day. I had never heard of an ABC store before, I had no idea laws like that existed still but then again I live in Las Vegas so...

  2. Hey chick! Congrats on the house. I know moving is exhausting but it can be so exciting too, especially if you are moving somewhere better!

    Hope it all goes smoothly and the weather cooperates, rain always makes it worse!
    Sending you good vibes for great weather and strong BACKS!

    (and that your friends don't cross paths ;^)