Friday, March 25, 2011

Enjoying Life

So I haven't been on here for a while now.  It's really just been because of laziness or just forgetting to blog but I'm going to try to do this thing every day from now on, even it's just a sentence or two.  Anyway I've been enjoying the new house.  It's really peaceful here and it's wonderful to be able to sit outside on the side porch and look at the horses grazing in the fields across the street.  I had a housewarming party last Saturday and a few friends came over for that.  We had a cookout and the food was great as usual especially since I cooked it all. :)  Also some of us ate outside with the perfect weather and watched the horses.  I've found that this house is much easier to keep clean just because of the simple fact that there are hardwoods in all of the rooms and tile in the bathrooms and kitchen.  So no more vacuuming.  I find it amazing at how much dirt and dust accumulates over a week's time which is easy to clean up with the dry mop I got but I find myself thinking that when you vacuum, all of that dirt can't be picked up by your vacuum.  I just think it's nasty at what might be stuck in a person's carpet.  I mean I know these are random thoughts but there were times in my old house where I might smell something funky and I may have just cleaned the whole house but there was just something not right about the smell in the house.  Usually I would just light an incense to mask it but now I'm thinking that it was probably the carpets with all that built up dirt and dust and God knows what else.  Who knows. 

Anyway we are having the materials for the fence delivered tomorrow morning.  I probably should be sleep now seeing that they're supposed to get here before 7 am but you know me and my night owl habits.  But we are building a chain link fence for the dogs because they are just on chains now and I like for them to have a real place to play with each other and us.  But I just thank God because my grandfather actually paid for the materials which cost more than the labor.  Without him, we just wouldn't have been able to get a fence.  But my mom's friend is installing the fence on Monday and I'm so excited for my dogs because they'll be able to run and play and it'll be a little easier to take them in and out of the house.  The fence is going to cover the majority of the back yard with leaving a little space for other things that I might want to put out there.  But our front yard is really where I would want our guests , if we had a party, to hang out because they wouldn't have to worry about the dogs barking at them and they could look at the horses. 

I went to goodwill today with my mom and got some more things for the house.  I got, you guessed it, some more rubber duckies and a rubber duckie picture for my bathroom.  I also got this storm trooper from Star Wars helmet which you can wear and talk into and it'll make your voice sound like a storm trooper.  I also got a nice large round thermometer.  You know the kind that look like a clock but really have the temperature on there.  I'm putting that in my kitchen.  But I also thank God for my mom because she has helped us out financially during this time of my unemployment.  Speaking of unemployment, I had an interview yesterday.  It was for a bridal accessory e-commerce store.  I would be working in a very small call center taking orders for the company among other things.  It's through a temp agency but there is a possibility of being hired on based on performance.  I REALLY hope I get this job because lately it's just been one rejection e-mail after another.  I did have the second interview with Deluxe over the phone but just a few days ago, they sent me a rejection e-mail.  My husband actually was in the car with me when I did the interview and he thought I did great so I'm not sure what happened there.  Who knows.

On another note, if you've been reading my blog in the past you know that one of my best friends is having problems with his wife.  But to be honest, since they've gotten married, I'm closer to his wife than him, mainly because he hasn't matured past the point of a 5th grader in my opinion.  Well long story short, they are no longer living together.  They got into an argument and there was some physical abuse on both sides and he left the house.  She owned the house before they got married.  So now he's at his mom's house and his mom is babying him as usual and get this.  He has stopped talking to all of his friends.  Now he's been my friend for over 10 years and now because he doesn't want to hear the truth that he needs to change and he doesn't want to accept that I'm still going to hang out with his estranged wife, he just is going to cut me out of his life along with my husband who is is extremely close with him.  How can you just cut a 10 year friendship off?!  I mean I have to be honest here and say that I'm am 100% on his wife's side because she is like a sister to me and she stayed with him and dealt with way more stuff than I would if I were his wife.  And he changed his number.  Basically he's not the same person I knew 10 years ago.  He's being brainwashed by his mother but we all agree that she will even get tired of him one day.  His wife went over to his mom's house the other day and she said that his stuff was everywhere in the house because he doesn't clean up after himself.  He's a slob and he needs to grow up.  When she talked to him, he was very cold and cruel and basically said that she should be hearing from his lawyer soon to start the separation.  I mean the thing is is that he won't even talk to anyone about this.  It's a joke.  I mean his wife comes over and all he can say is that it's over.  I feel bad and good for her.  I feel bad because I know she loves him and divorce is always hard but I feel good because this is a long time coming.  He has emotional and physically abused her which I wanted to kill him over but I prayed instead for them.  He has cheated on her, (not all the way but pretty close), and she has always remained faithful to him. He has been a slob and a child in a man's body for the 5 years they were married and she has put up with it.  Her doctor actually told her that the stress in her marriage was causing her health problems.  Now is it just a coincidence that she is mysteriously losing weight and feeling better now that he's not in the house.  Nope, that's just her feeling free of him.  Anyway she hasn't received any papers from any lawyer yet but she's still not giving up hope.  She feels like God put them together and that unless he files a divorce, she's not going to.  I think she's going to get over that attitude quick if he keeps pulling stunts like he did the other day.  How about when she was at work, he came and tried the front door but the locks were changed and then remembered that had a key to the back door and went in the house, got some of his stuff, didn't call her at all, and left.  So she was upset because she hasn't heard from her husband in weeks and he just comes unannounced.  Not cool.  So that's when she went over to his mom's house the next day and he was very cold and would not even talk to her in full sentences.  He just kept saying "You know what you did" and she would just say, what about what you did?  Then he just said it's over, you'll be hearing from my lawyer soon.  I mean you have to understand that it's not like they sat down and decided to get a divorce.  He left one day after a stupid argument over money and moved to his mom's house and hasn't had a conversation with his wife until that day at the house.  So you can understand why she's upset. 

Anyway enough about my friends. I should be hearing back from the temp agency about the job interview soon.  I really hope I get this one because it's not a mega call center and it seems like somewhere I could be happy.  But if I don't get it, I'm going to ask them straight up, what did I do wrong.  I have been unemployed since July of last year and I've been to countless interviews, applied to probably over 1000 jobs, and I just can't seem to get a job.  I was offered a job at Avis Rent a Car but they were only going to pay me $8.90 an hour for working 2nd and sometimes 3rd shift.  So that was a no no.  I would have been miserable and would have never seen my husband.  But just pray for me because I really want this one.  Also we found out that we may be able to buy this house.  We have to check with the landlord but according to the neighbors, this house was for sale for a while with no offers and now they're renting it so I'm sure he'll be happy to find out that someone actually wants to buy the house.  I'm very excited about that because that will really motivate me to get my credit together so we can get a loan for this place.  I'll update everyone on that later.

On another note, my team the Carolina Tarheels just got another win in the tournament against Marquette so they will be advancing.  GO TARHEELS!!!  But the Celtics lost against the Charlotte bobcats so that sucks.  But I think they will be fine.  They made a lot of trades and I think they're still adjusting to the new players.  But I think I'm going to call it a night.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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  1. I hope you get the job. I'll add you to my prayers even though after this post, I am considering ripping all the carpet out of my house.

    I will also add your friend to my prayers in hoping that she stays strong and doesn't forget that even if you have created a union before God, if one side breaks the vows he/she made in God's presence, he has voided the union.

    Reasons for divorce, in my opinion are abuse, addiction, adultery and from what I've read he's hit two out of three!