Friday, April 1, 2011

Cleaning Day and Mama Drama

So I've decided to start doing a house wide cleaning day on every Thursday because it makes sense for our lifestyle.  My husband and I are very social people and I always want people to come over and hang out here.  So all of our friends work Monday through Friday so the only days they can come and chill are on Friday Saturday or Sunday.  So this way the house will always be company ready for the weekend.  Anyway today I did the usual, cleaned the bathrooms, dry mopped the floors, did the laundry, did all the animal chores, etc...  I also cooked this new recipe I found on Campbell'  It's called cheeseburger pasta which equates to a fancy hamburger helper.  My husband and I used to always eat hamburger helper when we first got married but then I started to cook real food.  After about a year of me cooking all the time, I prepared a box of hamburger helper and to our surprise we hated it.  Now keep in mind, this particular flavor of hamburger helper was our favorite but when you're used to eating real cheese and milk and fresh ingredients and then you go back to powdered cheese and milk, it's not pretty.  But the recipe ended up being good with a few additions that I added.  The original recipe only called for cheddar cheese soup, water, pasta, tomato soup, and hamburger.  But I read the reviews before I made it and the consensus was that there wasn't enough water to cook the pasta, and that there was no flavor.  So what I did was to not drain the oil from the ground beef to add moisture for the pasta so it would cook properly.  I used spaghetti sauce instead of tomato soup because I really don't like the taste of tomato soup.  I added fresh onions and minced garlic to the beef while cooking it.  I also added a cup of fresh cheddar cheese, some oregano, garlic salt, cilantro (just because I love that seasoning), Italian seasoning, worcheschere sauce, and that's it.  But it turned out great.  I love experimenting with new recipes especially if they work out in the end.

While we ate, we watched the Celtics game against the Spurs and of course the Celtics won which a big win seeing that the Spurs are currently #1 in the west.  GO BOSTON!!!  I'm trying to start doing extra things around the house.  For instance, the other day, I started a mini herb garden.  No not that kind of herb.  Get your mind out the gutter.  What do you think I'm running here, a drug cartel.  LOL  Anyway, it's really cute because the set came with 6 tiny pots and seeds with oregano, parsley, and basil but I got the set at Goodwill a while back and the person who donated it, put all these extra packages of seeds in there including lavender, tomato, and some other flowers I can't pronounce.  So in all, I started 6 pots.  It was really cute because the set came with this little flat dirt thingy's that when you add 2 tablespoons of water they expand to form the correct amount of dirt for the pot.  I think I added too many seeds per pot because they said only 4 to 6 but when I poured each pouch out, all these seeds started to flow out.  Oh well, we'll see in 2 weeks whether or not the plants will grow.  But either way, I have bigger plans than just a tiny herb garden.  I want to use the unfenced portion of our backyard to start a real garden.  I'm not sure what I'm going to plant yet but I'm going to start to do some research on how to start one of these things.  I'm so excited.  Then today, my extra thing for the day was to sweep the leaves from our carport which is where everyone enters the house.  I didn't really pay attention to the leaves when we moved in or even over the last few weeks but it occurred to me today that the reason why there are little thin leaves everywhere when I do my weekly sweeping is because of these leaves that have been there forever apparently.  So I went outside thinking it would be easy but they were everywhere.  If you read my last blog you'd know that I found out from a neighbor that this house has been vacant for quite some time so my theory is that when fall came and went, the leaves just blew in the carport and there was no car to block them or people to move them.  But after about 30 to 45 minutes I had the welcome mat cleared of leaves and the whole carport and I think it's going to make my life a lot easier every week.

I just like having a clean house even if no one is coming over.  I think it's just something that us women feel pride about.  Now those hoarders that you see on TV, I'm not sure about them.  LOL  But of course they have mental problems.  On another note, we purchased Wrestlemania on Direct TV which is this Sunday coming up.  For all of my wrestling fans out there you know what I'm talking about but for all others it's basically the WWE's big event every year.  Of course you have to pay extra for it but this is the first one I've ever seen.  My husband got me into it and I can't wait until Sunday.   All I have to say is GO JOHN CENA!!!  So yesterday I went a little crazy and had a movie day.  I watched 3 movies pretty much in a row.  I started with the movie "Penelope" starring Christina Ricci (I loved her since Casper), and the movie was awesome.  I don't like giving movies away so I'll just briefly tell you a summary of each movie so don't worry.  Basically Penelope was about a girl who instead of having a normal human nose, she had a pig's snout and pig ears but everything else was normal.  But it was the result of a curse that was put on her family generations ago.  It ended up being a comedy, romance but was really good.  The second movie I saw was "Australia" starring Nicole Kidman which was absolutely wonderful.  It was basically about the oppression that the Aboriginal people went through and about her cattle farm and a love story mixed in.  But it was wonderful.  I mean it's a long movie but it was worth every single second.  The third movie I saw was I believe called "Pandorum" which starred Denis Quaid and it was pretty good.  It was a Sci Fi, Thriller about the earth sending a ship to another planet that was supposed to be habitable.  This was of course in the future but it had a lot of good twist and turns in it.  Pretty cool movie if you're into stuff like that like I am.  But sometimes I just feel like watching movies all day and I enjoyed myself.

If you've been reading my blogs before you know that I'm in the process of getting a fence put up in the backyard for my dogs.  But because of the weather, my mom's friend hasn't been able to pour the concrete to secure the poles for the fence so there's all this fencing material just sitting in our yard just waiting to be put up.  In the meantime, the dogs are still on the chains miserable.  Oh well.  But my husband and I prayed for better weather and between 3 days ago and now, the weather has changed from raining the whole week through Sunday to now not raining again until late Monday.  So he should be able to put up the fence this weekend and I'm so excited. 

I know I've been going on and on on this blog but I must say that I haven't talked to my mom in 2 days.  It's because she's basically gone crazy I think.  I'm going to try to summarize all the drama but basically the person that's installing our fence is my mom's ex boyfriend if you can call him that.  He is very handy and can be very nice and sweet.  But on the other hand, he is an alcoholic, cusses all the time, and can't keep a steady job because of, I think, emotional and control issues.  So my mom has let him live with her a few times and it always ends with her kicking him out because he never contributes to the bills.  So it puts me in an awkward position because when she's talking junk about him, I feel it's safe to join in and she just laughs about it and pretends everything's ok.  But then when she's in good with him, then I'm the devil if I mention anything bad about him.  So right now he's not living with her but they are on good terms.  So when my husband suggested that we ask him to build the fence so that he could make some money, my mom was strangely opposed to it but my husband called him directly and got everything arranged because we wanted to help him out with some money in his pocket.  So with all this weird wet weather lately, it's been touch and go on if he's coming over here and when he would be able to do the fence and so on.  So long story short, every time I've called my mom in the last week, she has been very rude and over dramatic about the whole fence thing.  But here's the kicker, I'm starting to question a lot of things because my husband and I have caught her in a lie, actually a few lies.  So my husband and I went to the movies and when we got out I noticed she had called me so I called her back.  So we were talking and I knew not to mention the fence thing because I knew that was a touchy subject but she mentioned it anyway and she was like "Oh my friend won't be there until Saturday because it's supposed to be raining all week" and I quickly told her that any communication regarding the fence was between my husband and her friend but that he had agreed to come the next day which was Tuesday and she was like "Oh, I don't know about that, when did your husband talk to my friend?"  And I told her that day.  So of course he came over on Tuesday but that same day, he called my mom and asked her if she had told me that he wasn't coming until Saturday and she lied to his face and said that we had not talked at all.  So she lied to me about that.  Then of course because of the drama that my husband asking him about what my mom had said about the weekend, she confronted me about that on the phone and accused me of trying to start drama.  I'm not the one who lied.  So then we're talking about the weather 2 days ago and we were trying to figure out which weather was correct because the local new station had 2 different forecasts.  One that she saw on TV and another I saw on my phone.  The one on my phone said it was going to be clear all week and hers said it wouldn't.  So I dropped the subject and of course she brought up the fence thing again.  So from me talking about the weather, she accused me and my husband of taking advantage of her friend, (even though we're paying him exactly what he quoted us after he measured the whole yard), she said that I was selfish, she said that her friend should have charged us more, she said that because we're 27 and 28, that we're too immature to understand anything, etc...  You can see where this was going.  So I stopped her and said "Mom, you're getting too angry and negative, I'm going to get off the phone so you can calm down" and of course she said "you're not getting off the phone, this is what you always do".  Then she started dropped F bombs left and right and I hung up on her and haven't talked to her since.  But here comes the second lie.  So after the blow up, my husband called her friend and asked him straight up, "do you think we're taking advantage of you or that we owe you more money?" and he started laughing and when he found out that my mom had said this, he said that she never said any of this to him.  He never said any of this to her and that he told my mom not to freak out if anything went wrong with the fence because he knows how crazy she is.  So basically my mom has lied about what he said regarding the day he was going to finish the fence, she has lied about how he feels regarding the price of the fence.  To sum it all up, she has been causing unnecessary drama and for what, I don't know.  So I've decided it's healthier for me to not talk to her.  I think her issue is that because I talk crap about her friend when he's not nice to her, she doesn't understand why I would ask him for help but what she doesn't get  is that we were trying to help him by giving him a job so he could make some money which is what he usually has problems doing.  Also my grandfather helped us out with the materials which were very expensive and I thanked him of course but she called me a spoiled brat because he paid for all the materials.  He could have said no when we told him how much they were but he was fine with it.  But even with all of that she should not be freaking out and treating me like this.  I mean I didn't even mention the horrible things she said to me.  The other day she said that I was "out of it" and that's why I haven't been able to find a job because employers can pick up that something is not quite right with me.  I mean what mother says that to their daughter.  I haven't done anything wrong.  I am a good wife, friend, and daughter and if she thinks she can just treat me like dirt she is sadly mistaken.  Anyway what do you all think about her antics?

I think that's about it for today.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.

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