Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Feeling a Little Depressed

Maybe it's just my period talking but I'm so fed up with being unemployed.  I mean the obvious let down is the lack of money and thank God my husband has a stable job to support our household but I really miss interacting with people every day and knowing what my schedule will be like on a daily basis.  Now I just clean the house, play with the cats, watch TV, play video games, etc...  I'm just so bored with life and even though some of the places I've worked at suck, at this point I would take that over being bored and depressed all day.  I must have applied to over 600 jobs since I lost my job in July.  This is just getting a little frustrating now.  I mean I've had interview after interview and nothing comes of it.  Well I did get a job offer at Avis Rent a Car making a measly $8.75 and hour and knowing that I would miss every holiday and weekend until God knows when.  So I didn't take it because my husband frankly didn't want me working late nights for little to no money.  Neither did I.  So here I am again without a job and feeling just horrible.

I have a few things that stop me from getting any and every job.  One, I have a foot condition called plantar facitis that is an inflammation of the heel.  Well most of the time it goes away within months, but not in my case.  I've had it for over 10 years even with foot insoles, medication, etc...  So I can't stand for more than an hour without sitting.  So that excludes any warehouse, restaurant, retail, etc.. jobs.  Then I've worked at 3 call centers and each one I've had some serious anxiety problems.  I didn't have any anxiety problems until I started working at call centers.  It got to the point where I had to take anti depressant pills just to get through the day.  So most likely call centers are out because at some point they just get to be too much for my mental health issues. 

So I've tried all the search engines for jobs and just going directly to some job sites and nothing, just nothing has come out of it.  I've had a friend re do my resume to look more professional and still nothing.  I'm just in a bad situation and I'm getting to a point where I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs every second of the day.  Some days I'm happy that I'm a housewife (not by choice) and other days I'm just pissed.  Today I'm pissed.  Anyway I just wanted to vent.  Oh and BTW, today I cleaned the bathrooms and watched some TV with my husband.  Woo Hoo what an exciting day!  NOT.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.


  1. You know, I think you were right not to take the avis job, I mean having a family means you would want to be home with them on holidays and such, which is their busiest time.

    BUT, aside from that, I think you should really try to find something, anything, just part time, and don't worry about the money. As you said, your husband can support you, so really this is just about your sanity, getting you out of the house, around people and having something that is YOUR own, that is not tied into taking care of things for your family.

    I did the stay at home mom thing when my kids were in K and first grade, and at first it was ok, but then I started to feel lost, like I had no meaning. I through myself into their school, took over PTA, subtituted for their classes, did all the field trips etc.

    I truly enjoyed it and it did fill a void but in the end, I realized I still needed a little something to do with my time that was outside of the home and the children. I think as women it just helps us remember we are a person, not just a wife or mother.

    Go for it! I know your medical conditions will make it a little harder, but If you go out and look, not worrying about the pay, it may be a little easier.


  2. Yeah I mean at first when I lost my job in July, I was only looking for higher paying jobs but then I got real and started looking for anything. But the thing is is that I've worked at a car rental agency before and I know how horrible their hours are but when I saw the ad for Avis, I just assumed that since I stopped working at Hertz, the pay should have gotten higher in the past few years and in the Avis job ad, they didn't list the pay. So I went through 3 interviews and didn't find out until the 3rd one that the pay was that low. I have no problem working for a low wage. I'm just not going to sacrifice my whole social life and sanity for it. If you want me to work 3rd shift, then pay me a shift differential. It's quite simple. But in saying that, I'm game for anything now that I don't have to be on my feet all day. Thanks for listening and God Bless

  3. Do you have any productive hobbies? Cleaning the house and doing chores is one side of this, but having some activity that really produces something palpable may help. For me this activity would be programming; once I make a program I have it to keep, and it feels good to see that my time produced something that I can observe and enjoy whenever I wish.

    I know that such an activity would only be a substitute for work if it turned into a business, but it could help ease the time between jobs and help to keep your spirits up.

  4. Justin - I do have productive hobbies. I play video games, read, go to church, play with my animals, etc... I also have my ebay business which does make me happy when I'm really committing to it. I recently decided to really start back at it and start to hopefully make some real monmey so that I can be busy and contribute to the household. I've tried this in the past and have stopped because I found a job or because my husband wanted me to focus on finding a job. I really feel that if I can stick with this ebay thing that eventually it can become my primary source of income. Thanks for reading.